What is Copenhagen Fablab?

Copenhagen Fablab is an open access and user-driven tool workshop situated on 4th floor (and constantly evolving basement area) at Valby Kulturhus. There is no membership. You can use the Fablab for free without making reservations.  You also cannot book the machines for yourself only, all open days run on a first come - first served basis. We try to avoid being a "service" but rather build community. 


Sharing knowledge!

Being a qualified Fablab, because we are on the international Fablab list here - https://www.fablabs.io/ - the lab is reserved to citizens wanting to experiment with personal digital fabrication techniques. You are allowed to make personal fabrication and prototypes - but you are not allowed to produce anything for sale. You are required to share your designs and processes with other local and global Fablab users. You do that by documenting your project on this domain, on our Facebook group or any sharing media as long as you tag Copenhagen Fablab. So the deal is; free use of the machines for things that are not for sale. You "pay" by teaching other users how to use the machines and by sharing your findings with others. We have our official Facebook group "Copenhagen Fablab", which is meant for user communication and updates on activities and machines. If you post pictures from Fablab or of things made in the Fablab you can tag them #cphfablab or #copenhagenfablab as well on other social media.


Fablab Rules

  • Leave the Fablab cleaner that it was before
  • Help others and maintain the tools
  • Share your projects, pictures and design files online 
  • No commercial production

We follow the international Fablab Charter which can be found here - http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/charter/


Opening hours and Access
Fablab is open - 
Monday to Sunday. 8AM - 10:30PM 
* When the doors are locked you have to scan your health insurance card in the entrance(s) to get in.
* IMPORTANT: You need to be out of the lab before 11PM. The guard comes a bit before 11PM to check and turn on the alarm once everyone has left.

After normal working hours of the culture house you can get access to the Fablab by using your Public Health Security Card (CPR card, yellow card) and scanning it at the door(s).  Using the yellow card you can get access to the Fablab 7 days a week. If you don't have a yellow card, you can get a white so called "AEOS" card which gives you access to the Fablab and libraries after-hours.  Ask at the library, and remember to bring some ID. It has to be renewed every three months. 


How to use the equipment and machines?
Everything that is in the Open area of the Fablab (big room on the 4th) can be used during the whole opening hours. The laser cutter, 3D printers, basement area with more woodworking tools and X-carve and some other equipment such as Arduino boards, 3D scanners etc are available when there are volunteers (aka Superusers) or staff to give access to it. Have a look at the calendar to see events and when locked equipment is available following the link or under the Calendar tab. The description of the event says which machine is available, for example "Laser open" means you can come by and use the laser cutter and get an introduction how to use it as well - http://valby.copenhagenfablab.dk/copenhagen-fablab-calendar . 

We also post Events in the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/copenhagenfablab
Note if the Fablab is reserved we write it in the Calendar as well - best to check the calendar frequently.
Our digital production machines have a computer attached to them with suitable software. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop. Most of the software we use is either open source or free which means you can download it yourself and try at home. We do not have Illustrator or Photoshop, but instead use Inkscape and Gimp for example. However, there is a computer with Solidworks! You can also design your things at your local library. The softwares are installed on computers both at Vigerslev Bibliotek, Valby Bibliotek and at the main library in Copenhagen.
Which equipment do we have?
Currently we have a vinyl cutter for cutting signs, antennas and flexible circuits, an X-Carve CNC mill, a laser cutter to make 2D press fit elements which can be assembled to larger 3D structures, two 3D printers (UM Go and UM 3) , soldering machines, Arduino projects and sensors. We also have a drill press, a scroll saw and various hand tools. We do not plan broken machines thus some tools may be under maintenance. Some machines are locked away and thus you need to check in the Superuser Calendar when volunteers are present to give access to the locked machines. 
See more info under the Equipment tab - http://valby.copenhagenfablab.dk/equipment
* IMPORTANT If you bring your own materials for laser cutting you have to know what it is made of (for example what type of plastic) since some materials can ruin the machine or worse. Try finding materials similar to what we sell or ask in writing (fx on the Facebook group) if what you are about to cut is safe.

We normally sell HDF, cardboard, EVA foam, plywood and acrylic (PMMA) sheets. List of materials - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12DzadXEAfGViDSwBDlmUaXCBem5xFja48nI6xwbVbzw/edit#gid=0

You are welcome to bring your own materials, as long as you know that they are safe to use with certain machines. You can also buy some materials on the ground floor(stueetagen) at Mæt cafe during their opening hours - http://maetcafe.dk/

Their normal opening hours -
Monday to Friday. 8AM - 9PM
Saturday to Sunday. 9 AM - 5PM 


Questions or project ideas?

The Fablab is largely run based on users helping other users. So if possible, direct your questions to the Fablab Facebook group -
However, if you want to meet the staff, here is how to normally contact them -
Liisa, assistant
Contact about volunteer system, daily operations, getting started with digital fabrication (2D, 3D)
E-mail: liisa.fablab@gmail.com, Facebook user: Liisa Fablab

Rasmus, Fablab coordinator
Contact if you are a part of an institution (school, library, museum etc.) or have plans for larger projects, educational tracks or professional visits
E-mail: Y70X@kff.kk.dk

How to find us?
Happy Hacking!
To be a user of the Fablab it is required that you at least share pictures of your projects in the Facebook group or homepage. No matter how big or small the project, everything has to be at least documented by taking a picture.