What is Copenhagen Fablab?


Copenhagen Fablab is an open access and user-driven tool workshop situated at Valby Kulturhus and Værkstedshallerne. There is no membership. You can use the Fablab for free without making reservations, however, in return you have to follow the Fablab Rules and give back to the community. You cannot book the machines for yourself only, all open days run on a "first come - first served" basis. The goal is to be a fun open area for creation - Copenhagen Fablab is not a "service" but a community of makers that like to learn by doing and make (almost) anything.


Fablab Rules:


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1. No commercial production

2. Leave the Fablab cleaner than it was before

3. Share your projects

4. Help others and maintain the tools

We follow the international Fablab Charter which can be found here


Sharing knowledge

One of the cornerstones of FabLab is the sharing of knowledge. It is required that all users share their ideas and projects - no matter how small - in exchange for using the free facilities. You can think of it as our most valued currency and a way to give back to the FabLab community.

Find out how to share your knowledge here


How to join Copenhagen Fablab?

No membership - drop by and use the space!

The awesome thing about Copenhagen Fablab is that there is no membership and you can use the space on a drop-in basis. The Open area is always available, however some equipment and facilities are locked and require Volunteers to give access.


  • If you feel like improving your skills as a maker and access locked equipment, you can become a volunteer aka SuperUser.
  • Read more about becoming a SuperUser here

Questions or project ideas?

The Fablab is largely run based on users helping other users. So please direct your general questions to the Fablab Facebook group here.

If you are a part of an institution (school, library, museum etc.) or have plans for larger projects, educational tracks or professional visits, contact Rasmus, Fablab coordinator - E-mail: Y70X@kff.kk.dk