What is Copenhagen Fablab?


Copenhagen Fablab is an open access and user-driven tool workshop situated on 4th floor (and constantly evolving basement area) at Valby Kulturhus. There is no membership. You can use the Fablab for free without making reservations, however, in return you have to follow the Fablab Rules and give back to the community. You also cannot book the machines for yourself only, all open days run on a "first come - first served" basis. The goal is to be a fun open area for creation - Copenhagen Fablab is not a "service" but a community of makers that like to learn by doing and make (almost) anything. 


Fablab Rules


1. No commercial production

2. Leave the Fablab cleaner than it was before 

3. Share your projects

4. Help others and maintain the tools

We follow the international Fablab Charter which can be found here - http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/charter/


Sharing knowledge!


Being a qualified Fablab, in the international Fablab list here - https://www.fablabs.io/ - the lab is reserved to citizens wanting to experiment with personal digital fabrication techniques. You are allowed to make personal fabrication and prototypes - but you are not allowed to produce anything for sale. At Copenhagen Fablab we talk a lot about sharing knowledge - you can think of it as our most valued currency. This is a way to give back to the Danish and international FabLab and maker community that has shared a lot of the skills and inspiration that you and I are using now.  You share knowledge by documenting your project on this domain, on our Facebook group or any sharing media as long as you tag Copenhagen Fablab. So the deal is; free use of the machines for things that are not for sale. You "pay" by teaching other users how to use the machines and by sharing your findings with others. We have our official Facebook group "Copenhagen Fablab", which is meant for user communication and updates on activities and machines. If you post pictures from Fablab or of things made in the Fablab you can tag them #cphfablab or #copenhagenfablab as well on other social media.

Ideas on what to document* -
You do not need to document a finished project on the homepage - you can always go back and add more info. You do not need to include all of the info - but the more you give, the more grateful the community is.

Images - before and after, works in progress
Design files (.ai, .stl, .png, .gcode, .svg etc.) 
Programming files (.ino etc.)
Machine settings - speeds, power, layer height, gram force etc
What material you used? Size, thickness
What tools did you use and its accessories? Bits, blades, adhesives etc?
Where did you buy your components?
What would you do differently? What went well, what did not go so well?
*It is okay to document in Danish on copenhagenfablab.dk

Documenting on copenhagenfablab.dk
By documenting at Cph Fablab you show you are a dedicated user, want to follow the FabLab ideology and in addition can obtain certain benefits such as more access to locked machines etc. If you document or share a link to your documentation on copenhagenfablab.dk - you can earn Badges and become a Superuser (volunteer) - read more about it down below.
To start documenting at copenhagenfablab.dk you should first Register as a user and create a new project under Projects or your Profile page.

Other websites
You can always put a link on copenhagenfablab.dk of your project if you documented it on some other platform or on your own homepage. You still need to Register at the Fablab homepage before you can make a Project.

Here is a list of possible platforms to document (or find your next design to try out) 

Instructables - http://www.instructables.com/
YouMagine - https://www.youmagine.com/
Thingiverse - https://www.thingiverse.com/ 
Github - https://github.com/ 
GrabCAD - https://grabcad.com/ 


Opening hours and Access


Monday to Sunday. 7AM - 11PM (alarm turns on 11PM)

* IMPORTANT: You need to be out of the lab before 11PM. The guard comes a bit before to check and the alarm turns on 11 PM.
* When the doors are locked you have to scan your health insurance card (yellow card) in the entrance(s) to get in.
*We are officially only closed 31.December 
* Check the Calendar for events and when volunteers are the to give access/guidance for locked equipment
PS. Click on the event title for more information

After normal working hours of the culture house you can get access to the Fablab by using your Public Health Security Card (CPR card, yellow card) and scanning it at the door(s).  Using the yellow card you can get access to the Fablab 7 days a week. If you don't have a yellow card, you can get a white so called "AEOS" card which gives you access to the Fablab and libraries after-hours.  Ask at the library, and remember to bring some ID. It has to be renewed every three months. 

Did you lose something in the lab? Maybe we put it in the Lost and Found shelf in the Laser room - ask the Superusers.


How to use the space, equipment and machines?


Everything that is in the Open area of the Fablab (big room on the 4th) can be used during the whole opening hours, just in case see the Calendar for events. You are welcome to use the Open area for bigger projects (for example for woodworking) but you have to clean after yourself, take away bigger trash/materials and leave the space ready for the next users. For projects that are very messy and loud we advise using the Basement (volunteers need to give access). You can leave some of your projects in the square shelves on the wall next to the Laser room - you have to put your name and date clearly on the things and maximum storage 2 months - after that we will donate to the public without notice. Other tools and machines in the Laser room and Basement are available when there are volunteers (aka Superusers) or staff to give access to it. Have a look under Equipment where you can find the placement of different tools. In the Calendar you can find events such as Open laser when there is a volunteer on the 4th floor who can give access to locked equipment. 

We also post Events in the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/copenhagenfablab
Note if the Fablab is reserved we write it in the Calendar as well - best to check the calendar frequently.
Our digital production machines have a computer attached to them with suitable software. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop. Most of the software we use is either open source or free which means you can download it yourself and try at home. We do not have Illustrator or Photoshop, but instead use Inkscape and Gimp for example. However, there is a computer with Solidworks! You can also design your things at your local library. The softwares are installed on computers both at Vigerslev Bibliotek, Valby Bibliotek and at the main library in Copenhagen.
Projector, Roll-up Screen and Sound/Bluetooth speakers
The projector is installed in the ceiling on the 4th floor. There is already a long VGA cable attached to it, find the ending somewhere under the roll-up screen. Bring your own converters! To connect to the Bluetooth speakers make sure they have power - there is a small wooden box that contains the Bluetooth speaker electronics, plug the power source in an extension chord. The wooden box is located under the speakers under the roll-up screen next to the computer. The speaker set is called QS Audio.
Which equipment do we have?
Currently we have a vinyl cutter for cutting signs, antennas and flexible circuits, an X-Carve CNC mill, a laser cutter to make 2D press fit elements which can be assembled to larger 3D structures, two 3D printers (UM Go and UM 3) , soldering machines, Arduino projects and sensors. We also have a drill press, a scroll saw and various hand tools. We do not plan broken machines thus some tools may be under maintenance. Some machines are locked away and thus you need to check in the Calendar when volunteers are present to give access to the locked machines. 
See more info under the Equipment tab - http://valby.copenhagenfablab.dk/equipment
* IMPORTANT If you bring your own materials for laser cutting you have to know what it is made of (for example what type of plastic) since some materials can ruin the machine or worse. Try finding materials similar to what we sell or ask in writing (fx on the Facebook group) if what you are about to cut is safe.
We normally sell HDF, cardboard, EVA foam, plywood and acrylic (PMMA) sheets from the 4th floor. Superusers need to open the cage and you can pay by Mobile Pay only. List of materials - CphFablab Material List Dec 2018 edition

You are welcome to bring your own materials, as long as you know that they are safe to use with certain machines.

Mobile Pay number - 24647204


How to join Copenhagen Fablab?


No membership - drop by and use the space! 

The awesome thing about Copenhagen Fablab is that there is no membership and you can use the space on a drop-in basis. The Open area is always available, however some equipment and facilities are locked and require Superusers to give access. If you feel like improving your skills as a maker and want to become a more dedicated user of the Fablab then here are some options :


1) *New system* Earn Badges! Here is how:

A Badge is a symbol on your profile that shows that you have gained the required skill level to operate a (locked) machine or tool on your own. You still need a Superuser (volunteer) to unlock the door, but it is proof that you do not need supervision to use the specific machine and have gotten the general introduction to the Fablab as well. You earn a Badge by attending and learning the machines in the Open machine/lab events posted in the Calendar and eventually documenting and getting a recommendation from a volunteer (remember to ask for recommendations!). This is one step closer to becoming a volunteer if you wish. With a Badge you gain more access to locked machines outside of Open machine/lab events - ask for more details about it once you have earned a Badge.

You do not need a Badge to operate a machine that is in the Open area, however, with a Badge could come the possibility of locked storage or other perks - so start collecting Badges already now!

Badges are visible on your user Profile page here on copenhagenfablab.dk 

4 steps to earn a Badge:
1. Register as a user on copenhagenfablab.dk
2. Learn to use the machines by attending machine open days to a level where you know the essentials and safety, basic troubleshooting and could help others with the basics
3. Document at least one project with that machine on the homepage
4. Once confident with a machine - get a recommendation from one Superuser/staff

Currently you can collect the following badges:
Laser cutter, 3D printer, X-Carve, Printmaking, Sewing machine, Vinyl cutter Roland, Vacuum forming machine


2) Become a volunteer aka Superuser?

A Superuser is a Fablab volunteer that wants to use the Fablab frequently for their projects and in addition want to help make it a fun and inspiring place for everybody by maintaining tools and improving the facilities, teaching other users and taking shifts to open locked equipment.

Benefits of being a Superuser -
Access to locked machines 7 days a week
Locked storage on 4th floor and basement
Have a say in which machines or tools to buy
Be a part of the Cph Fablab community and get invites to meetups
Meet and network with lots of people doing interesting things who visit the Fablab from all around the world 

How to become a Superuser -
Have FabLab-related skills you would like to share (electronics/fixing things/laser cutting/CNC milling/sewing etc) OR you have earned a Badge from our lab
Have time and the willingness to volunteer at least 5 hours a month > minimum 3 hours shift + once a month 2 hour meeting on a Wednesday 6-8PM
Have read and agreed with the Superuser Charter which can be found here - Link: Superuser Charter December 2018

Show up at the next monthly Superuser meeting posted in the Calendar and ask how to become a volunteer

What could be a 3 hour volunteering shift?
A shift can be anything that benefits and strengthens the Fablab community - from hosting an open machine day for everybody or Badge owners, helping manage the homepage, doing a workshop on a specific skill or tool, fixing a machine or improving the facilities, representing Fablab at a local event etc. 

If your volunteering is not a calendar event - remember to register your activity by taking pictures and sharing what you do in the Superuser-only Facebook group which you will be invited to once you join the Superuser team.


3) Want to host an event at Copenhagen Fablab?

You can also host events without being a Superuser - write in the Fablab Facebook group for more info.


Questions or project ideas?


The Fablab is largely run based on users helping other users. So please direct your general questions to the Fablab Facebook group -

Contact if you are a part of an institution (school, library, museum etc.) or have plans for larger projects, educational tracks or professional visits 
contact Rasmus, Fablab coordinator - E-mail: Y70X@kff.kk.dk
How to find us?
Happy Hacking!
To be a user of the Fablab it is required that you at least share pictures of your projects in the Facebook group or homepage. No matter how big or small the project, everything has to be at least documented by taking a picture.