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Triangular board game pieces

Connectable board pieces made for a board game I am currently developing. The game is about climbing Mount Everest, so decided to create the board from triangular pieces.
In the SVG I also created some board game pieces: small humans with a foot stand, some fire tokens and some less successful burger tokens.
I tested two types of connections between the triangles, to the left on the image the pieces can flipped but not rotated, to the right the pieces can be rotated freely but not flipped.

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GCC vinyl cutter > Sure Cuts A Lot setup

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Superuser Charter 2018 September

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Lasercut acrylic ID badge with built-in button-press LED lighting. for Blade Runner inspired interactive theater production.

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Storage compartments (for jewellery box)

Extra storage-compartments and earring-holders for a jewellery box.
Made with 3mm HDF.

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Frame/Enclosing for small tiles

Frame/Enclosing for 6 small portuguese tiles. 5 layers of 3mm HDF, with holes in the back for a screw.
Just needs a dash of white or blue paint

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GCC vinyl cutter > Inkscape instruction

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Lasercut front cover for Extended Master's Thesis by Nicholas Williams and Tine Øgaard Madsen (front by Troels Øgaard)

Front page for a master-thesis I did for my family in 2017.
2mm black cardboard (from Christensen Grafisk in nordvest) engraved and cut. Did the same for my own thesis the year before and the burnt black gets a greyish colour.

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Winebox Front

Custom wine box front for a wedding

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Ideprisen 2018 trophy