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Copenhagen Fablab is expanding to Valby Idrætspark!

Kultur V and BUF X are opening a new makerspace in Valby Idrætspark. The new makerspace is expected to be ready for use from May 2019 and has a strong link with Copenhagen Fablab. Read more here (in Danish) :

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Become a volunteer at Copenhagen Fablab!

Who are you?
- At least 14 years old
- Good communicator and enjoy helping others
- Able to volunteer 5 hours a month (3 hours shift, 2 hours Monthly meeting)
- Have Fablab-related skills you would like to share! (electronics, sewing, CNC milling, programming, woodworking, 3D printing etc.)

Read the Superuser contract here -

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Box for an Arduino based LED dimmer

Box for an Arduino based LED dimmer

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Box for a 2 channel lab power supply

Box for a 2 channel lab power supply (don't know why the image is upside down??)

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Parametric Lamella Lamp

Lamp designed in Rhino and Grasshopper using parametric design to iterate through the possible design decisions while getting a visual feedback and production files.

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DIY Drone

I'm working on my DIY drone based on a DJI F450 frame and Arduino as a flight controller.

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Triangular board game pieces

Connectable board pieces made for a board game I am currently developing. The game is about climbing Mount Everest, so decided to create the board from triangular pieces.
In the SVG I also created some board game pieces: small humans with a foot stand, some fire tokens and some less successful burger tokens.
I tested two types of connections between the triangles, to the left on the image the pieces can flipped but not rotated, to the right the pieces can be rotated freely but not flipped.

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GCC vinyl cutter > Sure Cuts A Lot setup

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Superuser Charter 2018 September

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Lasercut acrylic ID badge with built-in button-press LED lighting. for Blade Runner inspired interactive theater production.