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Prototype of foldingcup

Hello :-)

This projekt i made for my exam in Innovation. It is a prototype of a folding-cup, that can contain hot liquids, and it will be possible to fold it, after use.
i made it on the 3D printer and assemble the parts afterwards.

I made some origami folding with the cardboard, so it was possible to fold the cup.

it could be cool to make a real one

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en lille spild-kop til madlavning. istedet for at ligge sovse-skeen på bordet eller hængende på gryden. Ide navn: Ingen-sovs-på-bordet-koppen.

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Gears for hand crank centrifugal blower

My project is to make a hand crank driven centrifugal blower for my portative organ.

The gears for the blower are made with the program Inkscape, using a plug-in for drawing gears.
A .png file is exported and it is converted to .jpg and .pdf files with the program GIMP.

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Mass Effect Omni Tool prop

A laser cut Omni Tool prop for a Mass Effect cosplay costume, cut form orange acrylic in order to achieve a orange hologram'ish effect.

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The Fablab Book - describing what Copenhagen Fablab is with poems

The purpose of the book is to explain what Copenhagen Fablab is, while showing an example of what's possible to make at the Fablab. The text in the book is divided into 5 sections: Making, Thinking, Creating, Caring and Sharing, and is written in the form of poems. Everything in the book is hand-drawn.

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I made this box as a gift for a friend who makes flower medicine.
The box itself is made with
Just type in the dimension you want, and the website will make the files for you. I used 0.08 as the kerf, which I found out to be the tightest fit (read:

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Sitemodell Nyholm

En sitemodell i 1:500 på ytre del av Nyholm med elefanten, mastekranen, fregatten Peder Skram og torpedomissilåten Sehested for et studieprojekt på arkitektskolen. Skåret i gråpapp i 3mm tykkelse, med instillingene 18/100/500. Det som kun er tegnet er i instillingene 100/10/500.

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throwing knifes for kids

We made some fun throwing knifes - if you want the file for a test spin - please ask me :)

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Logostempel til keramik

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Bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe - model with living hinges

The project is a model for a light installation in a bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe.
The purpose of the model is to test out various lighting design solutions.
The pattern in the ceiling can be changed and when hovering a light source above the top of the model, patterns inside the model tunnel floor will appear.

*The acrylic used as the transparent material is not ideal, since it is too reflective.