By Marie Eline Hansen
By xavier butcher
By Bjarke Gudmundsson

Shape Sorter with sound making shapes

Shape Sorter made in 4mm HDF and 3mm Acrylic.

Shapes are filled with: Rice beans, bells, wood pieces and the sound device from a music card

How to assemble:
The Bottom plate have to be put in place when assembeling the inner case.
Best practise is to start gluing the inner case with the bottom piece in place and then start adding the outer siders one by one.

Acrylic Card With Kickstand

Cut on a 40 Watt Epilog Helix

Material: 3mm Acrylic

Engraving Settings:

Top tip: remove the top plastic from the acryllic before engraving

The cube of symbols

A game, a statement or just an overly fun toy.
The possibilities seems endless for this easily 3D printed cube, made with TinkerCAD.

It is made purely from default shapes.
First i added a Cube
Second i added symbols
Third i made them into holes.
Finally i added them to the cube.


UPD: coasters, sheep, name tags, photo frames

Hello, this is my first ever try at laser cutting - making some Christmas tree decorations and cute little sheep. "Perekond Piel" stands for "Family Piel" in Estonian and this is supposed to be a door sign.
Laser cut in 4 mm HDF.

UPDATE: the first try was unsuccesful... The laser has only cut through approx. 3/4 of the board, so there was no chance I could get my designs out and the whole thing together with a few hours in the lab were beautifully wasted :) Most probably this happened due to inaccurate adjustment of focus in laser settings.


Hello, my name is Ida and I live in Copenhagen - Denmark - I attent Kirsebaerhavens School in 5th grade.
1. I made chessmen 32 pieces
2. I have recently seen some chess pieces and wanted to make my own.
3. I started 3D scannerFortryd redigeringerFortryd redigeringer

Maple leaves

I've made seven maple leaves on Inkscape. I found a picture of a maple leaf on Google. But I thought that it was not enough just to make maple leaves, so I took a picture of another leaf and edited it on Inkscape. The first time we cut the cardboard on the laser cutter the cardboard burned. The second time we tried it burned too. So we decided to remove the second leaf, so there was only the maple leaf back. Now we cut them out of wood, they measure 11.5 cm in width and 10 cm in height each. 

Game of zombies - Zombie zapp

We are a group of 5 graders from Kirsebaerhavens School just outside Copenhagen. We made a board game with 5 pieces, a board and a dice. It´s a game for 5 persons. We designed the game in the programme called Inkscape. The inspiration comes from a mobile game called Zombie Zunami.It was difficult to find the different pictures to put on the board. we could have drawn them ourselves, but drawing in Inkscape is very difficult. When the board was ready, the fantasy worked on its own.The measures of the board are w 40cm  h 60cm. The pieces are made on the 3D scanner. 
Zombie rules:

House with led lights

Today and yesterday, we have worked with a house which uses led lights. Today, we have managed to make our prototype out of cardboard, it was not quite finished, but we are still working to solve it. Monday, we made lanterns and 3D shapes with a 3D scanner called Sense. Our house still needs the roof and part of the lights. Now
we have corrected our mistakes, we have
chosen to use normal bulbs instead of led lights. We've cut
our house out of wood and have compiled what we need. Last, we have to glue our roof on the sides of the house and to cut a hole for the bulbs.


Oskar and Noa made a lantern. Oskar was inspired by his sport hand ball and Noa by her passion for owls. Oskar put four hand ball players in each corner of one side of the lantern and the text HAND BALL. Noa found an owl and put it in the middle of her side of the lantern.They opened Inkscape and worked to find the right measures for the lantern. First, they found the wrong measures, they were too big. Finally, they succeded. Hereafter, they went with the USB to the laser cutter and cut their design into cardboard. The first cut didn´t succeed fully, because it didn´t close well enough.

Season decorations

Iman made a snow man. She was inspired by the movie Frozen. She went on Google and wrote Frozen snow man Olaf. She copied the snow man to Inkscape. On Inkscape Iman deleted all colors and patterns on the snow man. Then she opened Object and Ungroup to delete faults and all dubble lines. Hereafter, she opened Stroke paint and Stroke style to fill in the needed width, color, limits ect. Finally, she put in on a USB.At the end, Iman opened the final design and prepared the laser cutter. First, she cut in cardboard. She is satisfied and is ready to cut in clear acrylic.


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