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By Dorte


We made a sign which says "Put your hand in the air - it doesn´t cost anything", to our teacher. We were inspired by a conversation with our teacher. We used Inkscape to design the sign, then we used the Laser scanner to cut it. Then we connected some led lights by soldering them. It took a long time, because the burner was very hot! and small.

Game Rithmomachia

My first try at printing something in Fablab. This is a medieval times math game, also know as The Philosopher's Game, that I saw at a museum exhibition.
We got inspiration to draw it from the internet and now we just need to learn how to play :)

Laser cut at 3mm MDF, the numbers could have been a bit bigger and the engraving darker.

Huse til modeltog (H0)

Jeg laver typehuse til modeljernbaner i laserskæring.
Målestokken er 1:87.
Materialet er MDF = hård masonit.

Projektet er lige startet

Billeder følger senere

Christmas ornaments

My own design of christmas ornaments.
The christmas tree, the heart and the snowflake.
Cutted in HDF, Acrylic and wood - with the settings described in the fablab.

3D torso scan

We are four pupils from Kirsebaerhavens Skole in Valby, Copenhagen - Denmark. The entire class will spend four days at the Fablab at KulturValby.Today, the first day we´ve scanned one another´s torsos. Our teachers divided us into groups and we won the 3D scan. The world isn´t flad and 2 dimensional, but has many dimensions. 

1. attempt to make a lamp

beginners mistakes ALL THE WAY :/

ingraving: Remember to set the DPI settings

room divider for Borgerservice ( Sundby )

making this box with boxmaker in wood
cutting it out on the laser, and cuting out the form of the leafs.
ingraving plexiglas with a design made by me.
fitting the plexiglas into the wood, needed speciel care. Since they are to different materials.
so the poly is made slightly bigger, than the cut-out wood-leaf.form.
for a 3mm thickness in both wood and poly, I did the wood size 100 &
and the poly size 100,5 %
no kerf settings.
if you look very close, you see "big" gabs.
I´m not sure why this happened (?)

Foam tile

just an exercise in in-set and outset in inkscape.

An outline of Amager with the council logo cut in 1mm foam


Cappuccino pattern template

Cappuccino pattern template
The template is used for creating a pattern with cocoa on the cappuccino

The pattern which is made with the cocoa is A9, which is an abbreviation for the name Anine. The letters are changed so that empty space will not be like big brown areas in the pattern.

The templete is ingraved with the navn af the owner Anine, a fingerprint on the area where you grip the template, and a picture of a cup of cappuccino


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