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By Iofeye
Picture of "4 in a row" game - lasercut in Copenhagen Fablab
By 3dfreelancer

lysestager_forskellige mønstre

- MDF 1,5mm
- EPILOG LASER Helix (indstillinger - Speed: 25,Power: 100, Freq: 500)
- inde: te lys i glas holder

Game: 4 In a Row

Game: 4 in a Row

Materials and settings:
Kerf (what the laser burns away) works on 3 mm HDF on a 40 Watt Epilog Helix
The frame fits within a single sheet of Width:425mm X Height:340mm
The pieces fits within two sheets of Width:225mm X Height:90mm
Cutting setttings depends on the state of the machine
(Speed=14 Power=100% frequency=2500 if machine is dirty, Speed=30 Power=100% Frequency=100% if machine is clean - ask the manager how to clean the optics!)

A key-chain for someone with a bad sense of humor

A key-chain with way home compass.

3mm plywood
metal chain (not on the photo)
Tools: Lasercutter

Makers: Nana & Magdalena
Support: FabLab Team (thanks!)

Dinosaur T-Rex 3D puzzle

I found this pattern on Instructables:

This present is for boys/girls 8+ years. See the link for an image (makes it easy to assemble).

Have fun! Don´t get eaten

2 Small Japanese Jewellery Boxes

Soak the outer shell in water before you bend it.
Put tape or clamps to hold the shape while drying.
Good tip is to put the plate insde for it to keep its shape while drying.

Glue it all together.

3mm HDF

Cut Time:
15 min

Things for seasons

We have made alot of small figures of mosfoam that is an inspiration of the different seasons. We have done so many things eksempel pumpkins, suns, snowmans and rabbits.


Vi har lavet Bordfodboldspiller(e).
Vi startede med at 3D scanne en persons hoved. Hvorefter vi bestemte os for at sætte personens hoved på vores figur.
Vi lavede spillerens krop på programmet "ThinkerCad". Derefter fik vi med lidt hjælp, smit vores figur ind i programmet "Cura", hvor vi fik 3D printede vi figuren.

Quotes written in wood

For a school project we had to find ways to improve the gall, so we want to hang up these signs to make it look prettier.

Quotes and poems for signs

We have made decorations for our school. These signs should hang on the classroom doors for decoration and inspiration.
We have chosen this from two languages - danish and english, cause we are many nationalities. The poem is about freedom and the quotes are about school and life.

Laser cut letters.

-The letters are made of wood.
- The size of the letters is 1000 and we used the carlisle font.
- The machine that we used is the laser cut.
-The letters that we cut is the name of our class( M3 CLASS )
- Then we make many letters and put together so that the letters will look like 3D.
-And we make this letters with all the love of the world for our classmates <3.
-It is a whole school project but we just do for our door and thats how we love our class.


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