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Utterslev Skole - Octopus

We have made an octopus. It is a decoration for our school. The height including hat is 13cm and 7½cm without the hat. The octopus is 39cm long. It is made of cardboard and we have painted it in blue and black colors.
We found the design on and used 123D Make to slice it.
We used InkScape to make the sign.

Made by Donya, Saja and Nora.

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Utterslev skole model

We are currently making a model of our school and we made it out of acrylic material we made 7 test in cardboard. we used a laser cutter and a computer program named inkscape and we use the program called boxmaker to design our building the ground is 20 X 10 X 4 cm. and our second floor is 16 X 6 X 3 cm.
Uttefabbers are: Bjørn, Sofus, Albert and Hector

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Utterslev Skole - Robert the Robot

First we made a sticker, but it got ruined. Then we made tree box, and then we made an other sticker with an skull where it said DANGER. and the box was in legnth 18 cm and the hight is 25 cm. and the legs hight is 16 cm and the legnth is 5 cm. and the arms legnth is 4 cm and the hight is 17 cm. and the head is legnth is 10 cm and the hight is 10 cm

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Utterslev Skole - Insect

We designed a fantasy insect/animal. The idea was to make an insect who looked like a bird. We drew the parts in InkScape, by using the "circle tool". After the parts are printed, took we a wire and attached it to the insect, so it can be hung from the ceiling.

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Utterslev Skole - Robot

we have made our design for our robot
and we have had laser cutter one of our robot parts
and we have made a model of our robot
and we have made a body: 250mm x 100mm x 60mm in 4mm mdf
and the head is 60mm x 60mm x 60mm in 4mm mdf

we have used wood,3v battery, two led and lilypad batteryholder.

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Utterslev Skole - Spiders And Webs

Our groups name is Utterslev_skole. we made 3 spiders we found on the internet. We found the spiders and the webs on a website named, you search spider or spider web and scroll down and find the spiders and the webs. the webs did we cut in a lasercutter. We have 5 big webs made out of card-board and 4 big webs made out of acrylic. We have 2 small webs made out of card-board and 2 small webs made out of acrylic. We have glued 2 big card-board webs together. We have painted all the card-board webs white.

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Utterslev Skole - Workshop for sciencefestival

Our group´s name is 3Dgroup. It´s because we are printing things in 3D. Here today we scaned all people in the group (We are 5) and the pictures looked like 3D in the computer. On friday there is a sciencefestival in Copenhagen. We are going to present our project for allmost our whole school.

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Voronoi mønster

Jeg har lavet et mønster som frit kan bruges til dekoration. Jeg bruger den selv til augmented reality tracking ved hjælp af Vuforia, en udvidelse til Unity3D. Hvis du kan kode, så check Vuforia ud ( Det er gratis så længe man kun bruger få markers.

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Chess board

Purpose: To make a chess board.

List of materials
2x 4mm MDF 600x400mm boards for main board and bottom
2x Mosgummi 300x400mm sheets (white+color) for the fill in pieces

Job 1) Main chess board
4mm MDF 600x400mm:

File: boarddefocus.pdf
15mm distance from focus point
Cut: Speed 100, Power 20, Freq 5000

File: boardcut.pdf
Cut: Speed 11, Power 100, Freq 500

Job 2) Bottom of the board
4mm MDF 600x400mm:

File: boardbottomcut.pdf
Cut: Speed 11, Power 100, Freq 500

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Dørskilt graveret i HDF

Dørskilt, graveret i 3mm HDF.

Bare givet en gang klar lak for at dæmpe lugten af brændt træ.
Tegningen er lavet med tegne-plade (Wacom) i programmet Illustrator af mig.

Monteret med dobbeltklæbende tape.

-tak for at vi må bruge laseren.