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Hyggeligt Julepynt tegnet af Nicole
En hel 600x400mm plade fyldet med julepynt uploadet i .svg inkscape format.
Med streg tykkelse på 0,01mm lige til at skære på laser skæren

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Pizza Puzzle

Pizza puslespil i MDF med plexiglas champions og salami :)

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Baren for printmaking

A baren is a tool used for relief printmaking (lino and wood cuts). Traditionally they are made with string covered with bamboo leaves,(http://www.barenforum.org/mall/product_images/take_baren_bottom_large.jpg)
however a more modern version exists which is a disk with freely rotating ball barings.

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Lasercuttet violin i træfinér

Efter at have lært at bruge lasercutteren på et to-ugers forløb i Copenhagen Fablab meldte jeg mig til en lasercutting konkurrence, The Laserworks Contest, som fandt sted på MADE festivalen i Roskilde i august 2014. Sammen med en ven byggede jeg seks instrumenter, hvoraf violinen var det mest komplekse og tidskrævende instrument. Og så vandt vi dælme konkurrencen :) I kan finde filerne på nedenstående link og I skal være hjertelig velkomne til at forbedre violinen!

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kirsebærhavens skole

hi all we are from Denmark and we have worked in FabLab culture for 2 days we have made our hygiene paste brands and our poultry caused sign for our class door at our school cherry garden's school and we have written our names with lasern rubber it was really nice and with our own sticky labels we set them into a glass and it was really nice greeting a group of cherry garden school

blue demon it is made of folige it is 5 cm high and 6 cm vide

we have made name tags we should even design our name badges and we have made researching just design stickers for a glass

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6 U Lanterns

Name: NRHM Season Lantern

Material: HDF

Thick: 3mm

Patten Front/Leftside/Rigthside/Backside: Winter (Snowman) / Summer (Sun) / Autum (Leaf) /Spring (Tulip)

Height/Length: 29 cm/ 15 cm

Top/Bottom: 15X15/Top socket/Bottom nothing

File 1: attached
File 2: attached

We did not get a picture of the Project :(

Have fun with it :)


name: KOHG treelamp

Material: HDF

thick: 3mm

ther are nature on the 4 sides of the lamp :-)

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basketball shirt bin

We have made a basketball-trashcan, the point is that you throw the trash through a net and in the t-shirt.
This picture is only a prototype, the final version should be cut in acrylic.

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Lamp with animal print

Its a square lantern, with animal print on both sides it hangs from the ceiling Its made of HDF and cutted on the laser cutter Hight is 30 cm and the broadness is 20 cm depth 20 cm

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Snowflake Lamp

We made a Lamp with snowflake We used HDF for the solid base Its going to hang from the ceiling Down from the Lamp There is gonna hang snowflakes Made of Blue Paper Gummi.