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Snowflake Lamp

We made a Lamp with snowflake We used HDF for the solid base Its going to hang from the ceiling Down from the Lamp There is gonna hang snowflakes Made of Blue Paper Gummi. The lamp

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The robots

Our lamp is a 50 cm table lamp.
It is made out of wood and different types of material.
Fx cardboard and 3D,
It was meant to be like a ordinary lamp, and there was meant to be round shapes with changing coloured light, but we didn't have the materials but instead we made 4 sticks to support the light bulb.
and then we said that we only made 10 round shapes that didn't change colours, cause we didn't have the material to do that.
We also put a lampshape around the bulb to protect the light of the bulb.

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our project is a lamp. and inside there are a glass where there are many colors
and the string are in front at the glass.

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crystal lamp

it has a 60 cm body it can be 120 cm longer if you pull it up the side top has length of 40 cm and the top is 30cm. The bottom width is 20 cm the bottom is 10 cm high.

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We have made a snowflake lamp, that has a light bulb in the middle. We want it to be 42,2 inches.

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War n Peace Game


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Kage stikform

29 Oktober 2014 3D printet stikform til småkagedej. 3D model i .skp format.

Første gang jeg prøvede at 3D-printe noget. Enkel vejledning ved siden af maskinen samt et par spørgsmål til andre fabber's var nok til at printe.

kvaliteten blev høj, dvs. glat overflade og precise dimensioner iforhold til min 3D model.

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3D Models

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Name Template

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Chess Piece - Elephant