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Skakbrik - konge

Skakspil projekt - Kongebrik (base) af Sixten
- print en hvis du har lyst, eller brug min krone til andet spas!

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Library Box Flexbox case

This is casing for a library box. Design is for 2mm wooden cardboard

cut settings on 40w epilog helix

Speed: 40
Power: 90
Freq: 500

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Toilet mechanism and door sign

I bought a new toilet with dual flushing feature but the new models do not come with pulleys - only buttons. So I made a small mechanism for adding pulleys.
Also there is a design for a door sign for my flat:-)

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Indian Back Bender

...or as I call it, my free chiropractor :)

A Yogic prop made for stretching the back and opening the front of the chest.

Cutting Time with 4mm MDF:
1h 10 min for CUT_BackBender.pdf
30 min for CUT_OuterFrame.pdf

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Kerfs, Tabs and Holes w/ MakerCase is a nice tool to make boxes with, but the settings has to be right.
I have been experimenting with CaseMaker, and how to find the perfect kurf for a 3 mm acrylic box.
This is my findings.


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Lyric Prompter Screen (like a telepromter)


English: A screen for lyrics
Dansk: En skærm til sangtekster


My project was created from:

1x 4 mm HDF front frame
1x transparent arylic screen protector
1x "Polyethen" foam for around screen *
1x 1,5 mm MDF screen back panel
2x "Polyethen" foam for around electronics *
1x black acrylic back for det box
1x black acrylic flip stand + foot pedal

* Polyethene foam was a sleeping mat from JYSK

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Elektron transport box

So, I was traveling from Copenhagen to New Delhi and needed to bring along my OT, A4 and MD. It all had to be checked baggage because of size and weight, so I decided to make them their own little "suitcase".

This can all be done with a laser cutter able to handle sizes of minimum 600 x 400 mm. If you have a Fablab around, the cost is only some time and wood, boom. NB. this is for 4mm thick material. If you are using another material, you HAVE to make a new print file from Boxmaker - otherwise it won't work.

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Leaves for conference

These leaves binds two events together a Park(ing) Day event and a conference on urban communities. The participants gets them at the point of arrival, write messages, words and points down on the plastic leaf. In the end of the conference they hang the leaves on trees outside at the parking lot to give back to the community where the conference is being held.

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Utterslev Skole - solar battery animal

we printed 3 set of wings and we learned a new program called inkskape it helped us to make the wings.
and the body and baby rocket and baby is lite and beatiful.

The initial idea was to make a robot-animal, that being charged with solar power, could flip its wings. Unfortunately we ran out os time, designing the body and the head (the grey pointy thing, on the picture) so our main focus became getting the whole thing painted and done.

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Utterslev Skole - Octopus

We have made an octopus. It is a decoration for our school. The height including hat is 13cm and 7½cm without the hat. The octopus is 39cm long. It is made of cardboard and we have painted it in blue and black colors.
We found the design on and used 123D Make to slice it.
We used InkScape to make the sign.

Made by Donya, Saja and Nora.