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War n Peace Game


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Kage stikform

29 Oktober 2014 3D printet stikform til småkagedej. 3D model i .skp format.

Første gang jeg prøvede at 3D-printe noget. Enkel vejledning ved siden af maskinen samt et par spørgsmål til andre fabber's var nok til at printe.

kvaliteten blev høj, dvs. glat overflade og precise dimensioner iforhold til min 3D model.

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3D Models

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Name Template

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Chess Piece - Elephant

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Skakbrik - konge

Skakspil projekt - Kongebrik (base) af Sixten
- print en hvis du har lyst, eller brug min krone til andet spas!

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Library Box Flexbox case

This is casing for a library box. Design is for 2mm wooden cardboard

cut settings on 40w epilog helix

Speed: 40
Power: 90
Freq: 500

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Toilet mechanism and door sign

I bought a new toilet with dual flushing feature but the new models do not come with pulleys - only buttons. So I made a small mechanism for adding pulleys.
Also there is a design for a door sign for my flat:-)

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Indian Back Bender

...or as I call it, my free chiropractor :)

A Yogic prop made for stretching the back and opening the front of the chest.

Cutting Time with 4mm MDF:
1h 10 min for CUT_BackBender.pdf
30 min for CUT_OuterFrame.pdf

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Kerfs, Tabs and Holes w/ MakerCase is a nice tool to make boxes with, but the settings has to be right.
I have been experimenting with CaseMaker, and how to find the perfect kurf for a 3 mm acrylic box.
This is my findings.