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Kerf measurement

Når man skærer på lasercutteren, er det nogle gange nødvendigt at laserens kerf dvs. tykkelsen af det den brænder væk f.eks. når man skal lave en tabbed box.

Kerf'en afhænger af laserens fokus og materiales egenskaber.

Her er en metode til at måle og beregne kerf'en.


Byggesættet er skabt til at man bygger frit uden nogen model.
Det er et kreativitetsfremmende spil uden facit.
Spillet kan printes i en laserskærer, og filen er lavet til en 3 mm mdf-plade, der måler 60 x 40 cm.
Materialet er billigt, og sættet kan derfor medtages på stranden, så man kan "pimpe" sit strandslot, eller det kan tages med i rejsetasken, uden at man skal tænke på, om man får det hele med hjem....
På landes Fablabs er der maskiner til at printe på, og der er fri adgang for alle.

københavn kommune logo 3D towers

københavn kommune 3D in 123D


Digital template for wrench 7 mm

Digital template for wrench 7 mm

1. Took a picture of several tools.
2. Imported it into Inkscape in a layer.
3. "Clipped" out the tool i wanted to digitalize by placing a rectangle over it, selected both the rectangle and the picture and then choose Object > Clip > Set from the menu.
4. Then I made a 2. layer and drew the "cutline" around the wrench with the “Shift+F6” tool.
a. Set the width of the stroke style to 0,01 mm in “Fill and Stroke”(“Shift+Ctrl+F”).
5. 3. layer is an outline of the wrench.

Hack This! Exhibition racks

The Main Library is looking for a new and interesting way to exhibit their books in the fronthall. Right now there is tables with childrens books that is not easily viewed from a childs frog-perspective.
It should be easy and create a generel overview, but also invite the viewer to pick up a book.

What is your idea?!

Hack This! Exhibition signs

Libraries are asking for more exciting ways to exhibit their books. Do you have a new and brilliant idea?

Hack This! A holding device for IMS-phones

Librarians have a new scanning devise, the IMS-Phones. They look like a smartphone, and is used to scan books all day long. unfortunately this is not a very comfortable position to hold your hand in for hours and hours.They wish for a device to hold instead of the IMS-phones themselves. Maybe somthing like an extra cover that havent been designed yet?The most important thing is that it is easy to hold and wont make your fingers and hand go into a cramp after a days work.

Hack This! ”Make” fiction happen in the children’s and youth section

How to motivate children and tweens to read more books? What about maybe make something that will excite them and show them that litterature is "happening" not just in books but also as a motivater for fun and games? 
How do you see fiction happen in the childrens and youth section?

Hack This! Room separator

At the Main Library they have a problem with the size of their entrance hall and the amount of functions that takes place in one very big room.

In the back of the room are the staff busy sorting books. what goes to their proper place and what goes on the shelves to be picked up by the loaners. No matter what it looks like a mess! If something could seperate the rooms the overall feeling of the room would be much more pleasant and clean. 
What is your idea to seperate the different functions in the room?


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