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Skåret i gennemsigtig akryl med gravering.

Speed 10, Power 100, Freq 5000

Speed 100, Power 100, DPI 300, Dither: Floyd-Steinberg

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Computer Stand

A small stand for my computer screen such that I can place my keyboad and mousepad under it. It's cut in 4 mm MDF.
Unfortunately, I didn't remember the measurements correctly and there isn't space enough for the keyboard.
Also, all the slots are quite loose, and it would be a good idea to make them smaller.

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Hack This! Similar signs for Valby Library

In Valby Library they have about onehundred different kind of signs to guide users towards the different genres in the childrens library. Some are plastic, some are paper, some metal, but all of them lack style and finesse. So do you wanna design 20 different signs, that look sort-of-similar? Should there be a dragon on the sign for fantasy? What is your idea to make the signs seem more appetizing?

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Hack This! A Scalemodel of a library

The Libraries are curious to know, how their users imagine their dream Library to be. Make a model of a library where children as well as adults can decorate and illustrate, what an ideal library should look like acccoring to them.

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En trisse, til justering af arbejds lys

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Hack This! A Welcoming Mood-Generator

Valby Library would like different sorts of generators that will greet the users when they enter the library and in a way "set the mood" for what you can do in the library. for example which way to go and where you find what you are looking for. This could have something to do with both light, sounds and pictures. - Anything you can imagine that will enlighten the user and help them in their visit in the library.

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Hack This! The Librarian Robot

The library is now open for self-service. This means that once the librarians is off duty, users can still loan and deliver books. It would be cool with a librarian robot, to help users in these closed after-hours. Tasks that the robot should be able do to, could be everything from recommending books to whatever you would like a librarian to help you with.

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Hack This! Library Guide

Valby Library would like a guide or an app that can help users find their way around the library. Possibly something like Google Streetview inside the library.

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Hack This! Help sort books

When users hand in their books by them selves, they are sorting them on bookshelves themselves. Even though Valby Library only have 3 categories, there is quite often mixes up between "Adult" "Children" and "non-fiction".Valby Library would like a system, where there is some kind of reaction from the book shelves, according to whether the books are placed correct or incorrect.This could be by using the bookchips, or something else, that is your idea entirely.

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Hack This! Number system for waiting customers

·    Valby Library is not just a library, the building also hold the Citizen Service centre. This means that a lot of people come into the library, draw a number and start waiting for their turn. Therefore a crowd of waiting citizens block the entrance to the library, for themselves AND for the users who are actually there for the books.