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Vin Kasse Poul & Ulla's Sølvbryllup

Første forsøg på en vin box til sølvbryllup-gave-indpakning.

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The puzzle of how you feel and what you need

We live. We feel. We celebrate. We mess up. We learn. In each specific situation, after something that was said or done, after connecting to how we feel, these feelings tell us of fulfilled and unfulfilled needs. These needs are universal and also particular. For each situation we can work out a "map" of our feelings and needs. And just as penrose tiles, this is a map that fills the plane, but not in a regular way, because we are all different and each situation is different.

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Lasercut Tear Drop Lamp

I made this lamp from a design i found here:

It is designed for 3 mm material, I chose birch plywood which I think gives a nice contrast with the dark edges.

It was fairly easy to set up and cut but the assembly was rather time-consuming. The lamp has to be assembled around the fitting with the bulb in it which also means that you need to disassemble the lamp to change the light bulb. This might be possible to change through a design alteration and any contributions are welcome.

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Lamp for FABLAB

Lamp for FABLAB

The idea was to use as less material as possible
work with light and darkness
work with geometric objects

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- Star Wars skilte (lasercut)
- Hoved-prøver af forskellige materialer (lasercut)

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Door Locker with RFID

Project Description:

The idea was to create a door with an RFID-controlled lock.

We started out making the physical door using the laser cutter. We printed hinges in mat board with the laser cutter and covered these with vinyl pieces with the same shape to stregthen the hinges.

The door was printed in 3 equally sized pieces of mat board, and a frame was cut by hand in mat board to support the door. We glued the lot to the existing closet.

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some materials

make more!!!

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The aim of the project is to give nature a voice. When the plant is either thirsty (too dry) or satisified (sufficiently wattered), it will play a small tune (audio) and shine its lights (visual).

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+ FabLab (info at the elevator)

The first time I came to FabLab I didn't know where it was, and there was no sign inside the building to guide me. With FabCreation's theme of "Hack your Lab", I found it obvious to not let others have the same trouble finding it as I had.

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Mouthbow(or musical bow) is an ancient and simple string musical instrument. It consists of a string supported by a flexible stick 0.5 to 3 m long, and strung end to end with a taut cord. Usually made out of wood. Often, it is a normal archery bow used for music rather than as a weapon.

My main design consists of 2 tunable strings supported by a wooden stick, plus some additional parts, that might vary acoustics of the sound of the strings. Another design suppose to have a string strung end to end in a space between two wooden side covers.