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Boxes for a library shelf / 25x20x15cm with handles

Boxes are 250 x 200 x 150 mm meant for shelves in a library
4 mm tabs
Handles on both sides

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Universal Motor Mount

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PiSound Box

A box for the Raspberry Pi and pi Sound hat with a custom MIDI interface based on the Arduino Nano.

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Legende børn (med sværd!) skilt

Made som public signs for childrens LARP in Amager fælled for RollespilsFabrikken (Dont worry, its non-commercial and for kids)

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Flower plexi jewelry

Experimenting with different little flowershapes
Petals of different shapes and sizes

If you would like the file - please let me know :-)

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Totally intentional ceramic and plastic lamp

Setting up and exploring with the new vacuumformer led to this 70's inspired lamp. Created with build-in plastic lightbulb.

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Pop Up Tree Card

A pop up tree using sliceform and laser cut from paper/card.
This is the link to the plans:

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Test for Leather

Testing some leather work

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Linocut print

Just an attempt to print a linocut using the fablab print equipment.

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Eurorack Synth Box

Box for a few Eurorack synth modules.