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Sygesikrings scanner case for entrance

Black acrylic
Standard 3mm acrylic settings
Sides have holes for 3.5mm screws

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Big letters

Big letters for sign.
I brought and svg file and and ai file from home - with the same vector image.
The svg file made in Inkscape did not work - because the font I used was not on the FabLab computer!!
The file made in Illustrator looked perfect, but had to be UNgrouped many times. I know from earlier on that grouped objects make a mess in the lasercutter!!

ALWAYS outline text for the lasercutter
always UNgroup ai files

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Endless patterns

Study of pattern. Charity christmas presents.

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Droplet Lamp

This is a lampshade with more or less the shape of a droplet.

It's meant to be covered with some kind of paper/fabric.

It's just glued together. The pdf with the sides should be cut (almost) twice.

Possible improvements: It's way too fragile. It broke in many places and I had to cut replacement parts. And some of the circles are so close in size that it's really difficult to tell which is which.

It would also be way easier to mount it if a light bulb could go through the top hole.. But maybe less elegant.

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Meat and Green cutting board

im making a Meat and a Green cutting board.

Resolution> 600 DPI
Job Type> Raster
Speed> 20%
Power> 100%
Image Dithering> Floyd Steinberg

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Activate & Create

The aim of the collaborative project ´Activate & Create´ was to create a new entrance for Valby Kulturhus.
Together with the 10th grade students from Copenhagen Open Gymnasium we replanned and redesigned the entrance of Valby Kulturhus.
Activate & Create was organised and planned by Adriana Prasnicki and Kristel Laurits and designed in collaboration with Københanvs Åbne Gymnasium 10th grade students.

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Gækkebreve pattern

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Keramik Mobile Pay QR

Updated 6/06-2018

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Laserskåret illustration

Laserskåret illustration af lille, glad mand.

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A lamp frame to place 6 orangina bottles (it might work with some other bottles)
The hole for the lam socket in the middle is 40mm, which i think is quite average/i remember checking it with liisa from the fablab/
i chose a transparent 3 mm plexiglas , but it could be wood, or colored plexi