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Spool for Husqvarna Combina ii

The 3d print does not work with the Ultimaker 2 as the side that touches the support material on top is too rough and thread gets caught in it.
Instead I would try it with the Ultimaker 3 and dissolvable PVA.

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Valby Halen projects

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Legs for Sunglasses

I wanted to test to see if I could create a copy of the legs for my sunglasses using the laser cutter.


The file attached will provide you with 3 sets.

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Acapela is... a-cape-for-Bela, and a box.
It is composed of two things, a circuit board and a box (or enclosure). The circuit board has space for eight potentiometers and two 1/8" TRS (a.k.a. mini-jack) connectors for stereo audio input/output. It attaches directly on top of Bela. The box just keeps everything together and makes it easier to move around.

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DIY spectrophotometer

The definition of a spectrophotometer is an instrument used to measure the intensity of wavelengths in a spectrum of light. An example of spectrophotometer is how an ink manufacturer would figure out how much of one color is present in an ink.

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Fidgetspinner Lasercut by Ziegler 3mm HDF

This is a fidgetspinner made from 3mm HDF, a small ballbearing from a 3d printer, and 3 steel balls from a bigger ballbearing. It is made for assembly without glue.
Remember to change the center hole for your bearing size.

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Giant D20 Dice / icosahedron

A large 20 sided dice.

The frame was made from 6mm MDF. This was a bit too thick to laser cut so I ended up just engraving the lines then cutting with a saw.

The faces are 3.2mm MDF.

All connected with cable ties.

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Laser Quick Guide