By Liisa Umm...
By minchella1289
By Sathyanarayanan

Tabbed alphabet for an old-fashioned letter board (3D)

To be 3D printed for the Fablab and used as signs.
Designed in 123D Design.

MK logo necklace for an outfit

Whooop. My first project made on lasercut. It is a logo of Michael Kors and it was a part of my outfit as an MK purse (for music festival). The outfit worked great and people got the irony. This is the situation photo I got from a random dude with instant camera.

Tokens for X-Wing and Star Wars LCG

Hi there. I've made these tokens for the FFG Star Wars games: X-Wing Miniatures and Star Wars: The Living Card Game.

The tokens for X-Wing are Target Locks (used in the game to fire certain weapons and/or re roll dice) while the tokens for the card game are used to "commit" cards to the Force in order to gain benefits in the game.

Bicycle - Laser cut

We created this design for a bicycle that can move and used it as the invitation to our son's B-day.
The design doesn't have the last finishing details as we only had time to print once and then hope for the best. It works, but some features can be improved, such as position of the sit, hole on the handlebar and size of the assembly pins.
Have fun putting your own bike together!

Laser cutted on 3mm acrylic.

Making logo for my DIY bluetooth speaker

Im trying to build a bluetooth speaker from recycle parts, and while im waiting for the parts im made a logo for it :-)

Stencil til Valbykinos støttekoncert

Helping ValbyKino.

Power Management System for FPV Ground Station

Whaat? Such a complicated title huh..

This is just a basic box which features a XT60 plug, to connect batteries, a Power plug for the FPV (First Person View) Video goggles and an USB charger with an on/off switch.

What you need to build this is:

XT60 female plug
3 pin 5V female plug (the same as Arduino uses for 5V in.
USB plug (Female)
and a switch rated above 2A. The switch measures 13x19,8mm and is called a vippekontakt.

Display for earrings

I used BoxMaker and adjusted a sketch for a box, using only three sides.

The face/figure I have drawn in Inkscape.

Cut at:
speed: 10
Power: 100
frequency: 5000

The letters and tiny bits are just sideproducts, making use of most of the acrylic plate.

Navne skilt for Osvald

Box is created on
Super-user gave me this information:
Vector settings:
Speed: 9 %
Power: 100 %
Frequency: 500

Kostume belte

Skælene er købt gennem WWW.TheRingLord.COM
Læderet er købt i skindhuset (Skindergade 6, 1159 København K )
Messing spænderne er lavet på en CNC fræser på TEC Ballerup af en Finmekaniker

disse ting er lavet

Jeg ville gerne ha laserskåret en kobber plade som en front på beltet, men efter jeg har skrevet til dvs firmaer. Er jeg kommet til konklusion at det er umuligt at få lavet, da de kun vil ha store opgaver til serieproduktion. Det er her Fablab kommer ind i billedet.


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