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Activate & Create

The aim of the collaborative project ´Activate & Create´ was to create a new entrance for Valby Kulturhus.
Together with the 10th grade students from Copenhagen Open Gymnasium we replanned and redesigned the entrance of Valby Kulturhus.
Activate & Create was organised and planned by Adriana Prasnicki and Kristel Laurits and designed in collaboration with Københanvs Åbne Gymnasium 10th grade students.

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Gækkebreve pattern

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Keramik Mobile Pay QR

Updated 6/06-2018

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Laserskåret illustration

Laserskåret illustration af lille, glad mand.

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A lamp frame to place 6 orangina bottles (it might work with some other bottles)
The hole for the lam socket in the middle is 40mm, which i think is quite average/i remember checking it with liisa from the fablab/
i chose a transparent 3 mm plexiglas , but it could be wood, or colored plexi

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Spool for Husqvarna Combina ii

The 3d print does not work with the Ultimaker 2 as the side that touches the support material on top is too rough and thread gets caught in it.
Instead I would try it with the Ultimaker 3 and dissolvable PVA.

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Valby Halen projects

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Legs for Sunglasses

I wanted to test to see if I could create a copy of the legs for my sunglasses using the laser cutter.


The file attached will provide you with 3 sets.