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Sitemodell Nyholm

En sitemodell i 1:500 på ytre del av Nyholm med elefanten, mastekranen, fregatten Peder Skram og torpedomissilåten Sehested for et studieprojekt på arkitektskolen. Skåret i gråpapp i 3mm tykkelse, med instillingene 18/100/500. Det som kun er tegnet er i instillingene 100/10/500.

throwing knifes for kids

We made some fun throwing knifes - if you want the file for a test spin - please ask me :)

Logostempel til keramik

Bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe - model with living hinges

The project is a model for a light installation in a bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe.
The purpose of the model is to test out various lighting design solutions.
The pattern in the ceiling can be changed and when hovering a light source above the top of the model, patterns inside the model tunnel floor will appear.

*The acrylic used as the transparent material is not ideal, since it is too reflective.

Kop Holder

Med kun en kaffe-maskine på arbejde har vi jo brug for en holder, så man kan tage 6 kopper med tilbage :-)

Diffused acrylic box

What is it?
1:20 scale model for a light installation. Holes designed to fit in 9 Neopixels.
Video of the outcome with lights:

Picture frames

This was a small project for my volleyball club's coach and board members. A small picture frame with our logo (lion) and a quote about teamwork. Cut in MDF 4 mm, 400 Dpi, all parameters on the printer as recommended in the manuals. The job took approx 35 minutes, and came out great!

A new auditorium at Diakonissen

Lasercut existing facade (Sofies hjørnet) and mapped directions of existing buildings onto the ground.
Will be used to insert steel columns in the squares.
Main idea: transparent building that does not block the view of the existing buildings already on site.

Cutting details:
6mm MDF cut-through:
Power: 100
Speed: 6
Freq: 500

Next time:
I will just make it cut with low power to do the engraving and save time, as it took 2 hours to engrave all the parts now.

Staff is superfriendly and helped me a lot!

Micro Delta 3D Printer

Så er jeg gået igang med at bygge min 3d printer nr.2 Denne gang er det en delta printer som jeg har kastede mig over.

Alt hvad jeg har af info på denne delta printer, kan findes her.

Her ligger også tegninger på delene og samlevejling samt styk liste.

Alle deler her jeg købt på

Custom arduino components box

Box made for the Arduino box


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