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Stencil for Give Boxes

Stencils for signs on Byttestationer / Give Boxes.
Læs mere om Byttestationerne her: http://www.vesterbrolokaludvalg.kk.dk/vesterbyt-byttestationer/

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Space rocket interior deco

This was a request from a young relative to make a name tag out of mirror acrylic
So inside I left an oval shape where you can insert a nametag
It is quite a loose fit, same with the wings of the rocket
I added this rocket with a "space pattern" (downloaded from the internet and traced it in Inkscape) just to spice it up and for it to be used as a table decoration or toy
It reflects a rocket pattern on the wall if you shine a light on it

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Lantern with your own illustration

Instructions included in pdf-file. Requires glue and 2 60 × 40 cm hdf

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Dice or pencil cup using arrow lock

Using only 4 mm HDF
Press hard, and it locks very well.

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Turn your IKEA lamp into a customized wooden lamp

My IKEA paper wall lamp broke, so I decided to reuse the wall mount and bulb fixture and build a wooden lamp. I have prepared the files, so that you can use your own logo or artwork for the center circle.

I used superglue to stabilize the lamp.

The plexiglass circle for the inside is a regular circle Ø28 cm.

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Catapult by Ziegler

This a small and simple calapult for the office table. All you need is a 170mm by 120mm hdf plate, a small super glue (i used one from "Tiger") and 2 rubber bands. Make shure they are not too big, otherwise do as i did on the picture (use the frontplate for the shooting arm and twist the rubber band around several times).

I hope you will have fun with it.

- M. Ziegler S.

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Plexi Display Case

Glue Acrifix 116
Buy an empty tube at the Pharmacy with a tiny nostril and fill it with the glue
because this tube lets out much too much glue

its easy to wipe leftover glue away
but unhandy when u work inside eg a box

it is totally transparent
no white fume shaddows

U need no space between the plates

pretty thin substance - but thicker than say Acetone

ordinary tape holds perfectly - tape the elements together in the right position

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i am a normal size pencil case with a living hinge opening mechanism, picture coming soon.
Print me, glue me up, and then you are good to go. with this design everything makes sense once you have me in your hands, which partes that go where, your life, you name it.
hope you put me to good use.

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iPad Air 2 Case 1.1

Case for hanging an iPad Air 2 from a wire.

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Wall climbing suction car

As part of a project for innovating stuff, we came up with an idea of a wall-climbing robot. This machine uses a turbine for making enough thrust to be held against the wall. More files will come soon

The parts:
The frame was made by a 200mm * 200mm * 4mm board,
and by using the laser cutter the hole and spaces for the structure was made.

We also 3D-printed the supporting frame for the turbine, these fit into holes
on the frame, and also to curve around the turbine.