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Laser cut bird

Laser cut bird made from 3mm HDF board.
The bird is based on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:80577.
It was scaled up by 50% to accommodate for a thicker board I had.

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Kitschy candle holder

After making my solar cell ring, my mom said it kind of looked like a candle holder, and asked if I could make her one. So, I reworked my pattern a little bit, enlarged it, and there we go. If I do it again I would make the base thicker though, as it broke quite easily. Nothing a little super glue can't fix, but it's worth noting.
A cutting file and an engraving file.

I've done these with the settings:
Cutting: 10% speed
100% power
5000 hz freq.
300 dpi
Job type: Vector

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Solar cell ring/cellphone charger

This is a critical design project, where I'm doing a solar cell cellphone charger, in the shape of a ring. This is meant as a response to the "jewelry law" passed by the Danish government this winter, saying that they will seize valuable items from asylum seekers at the border. After massive critique, the law was changed, so that the government aren't allowed to take jewelry, but they are allowed to take valuables like computers, phones and powerbanks.

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Marionette Doll

The SVG file contains a cutout for a marionette doll.
You don't need the outline, though it could be used for storing the doll in a box / a shape to hold it in place in a casing.
I used "træpap" since it is nice to engrave people's portraits on as faces and it is a light material.
The holes are for making the joints - you can get "paper fasteners" cheaply from Søstrene Grene which I used as joints, string will do too, then the doll is a bit more goofy with its loose limbs.

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Værelsesnumre, Kollegiet Studentergården

Jeg har lavet dette design af værelsesnumre til kollegiet Studentergården på Nørrebro efter der blev udskrevet en designkonkurrence i foråret 2015. Dette design vandt, og jeg har siden brugt en del timer på at skære de 130 skilte på FabLabs laserskærer.

Skiltene har a6-størrelse og hænger på væggen ved siden af værelsesdøren for at undgå at de bliver dækket til når døren af forskellige årsager bliver pyntet (eller stjålet - det er jo et kollegium).

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HelloKitty tags

Hello :-)

I made those nametags for a bachelorparty my girlfriend attended. i made more of the angel kittys with different names on.

i ingraved the lines with speed: 18 and power: 100

then they are deep enough so it can keep the color. I used acrylic paint, and then used some paper to remove the leftover painting at the surface.

i made the bows and harts of pink acrylic and glued them to the tags

i used a safety pin, so they could hang on the clothes.

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James Bond Name tags

Hello :-)

I made those nametags for a bachelor party i attended. They wanted a James Bond them, so i draw those signs. the was some problems with cutting all of them at ones. I had to cut at a time. Maybe it was all the small holes i had in the letters. i made a cut with black lines. I made all the holes lines red, and adjusted the lasercutter to have lower power at the red lines.

i used 3mm HDF ( Note it has to be at least be 5mm next time ore else they will brake apart)

first i make the raster from one file, and then i make the cutting with another file.

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Bluetooth speaker

Hello :-)
here is my bluetooth speaker (12V). It supposed to be build from recycled parts only, but people are to fast to throw things out were its hard to get them.

Parts i used for the project:

- car speakers
- phone charger for the car
- wires
- switch
- resistor
- foam

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Fablab Kaleidoscope

Lasercut, flatpack, snap-fit Fablab Kaleidoscope