LaserWorks Voronoi skærmvæg
By Fablab
tablet foot for Galaxy 4 Mini. three positions
By elizabeth697
By Kir 8u


3mm acrylic design cut for minor trinkets

settings to be figured out

by Johanne H.Hav and Thomas Felding


Jeg har ikke selv designet båden, den er designet af Jeg har kun bygget ud fra hans design. På hjemmesiden er der mange bådtegninger, der er gratis i bunden af siden. Jeg har bygget ”GOTH USOM”, som er en gratis design. Jeg har dog taget tegningen og hivet formene ud og gjort dem klar til at skære med højde og centerlinje.

Disney Nametag

I made a nametag for this girl who really loves Disney movies, so of course it should be in the same font as Walt Disney is written in. Just type 'Free disney font' in Google and various options will show up. If you don't know how to install a font, then google that too ;)
I combined the lines to give the nametag a flow and making it easier to place on a surface. In Inkscape you can use Path > Union to do the same. I used double adhesive on the back of the sign so it would be easy for her to place on the door.
Find the .svg file underneath.

Piccolo - an open source drawing machine

The past few months, I have been using the laser cutter at Copenhagen Fablab to create parts for a Piccolo, "the tiny CNC-bot". Basically, it's a small machine that can move a toolhead freely around in a 50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm cube. You can attach a pen, a brush, a nail or anything else you can imagine to the toolhead, so there's a lot of possibilities in this small machine. I just finished assembling it and making it work, so I thought I would share my experiences.

First test bust

altered portrait created using 123d catch and mesh mixer.

Name Badge

Borlig Nametag-clip

Olive lamp

A parametric lamp I made to introduce myself to laser cutting. The form is simple, symmetric around a central axis.

The design can be easily adjusted to for different material thicknesses, different shapes and different laser cutters or material dimensions. The overall shape of the lamp can be changed, by changing the two curves that are revolved around the central axis, the number of slices is also adjustable, as is the vertical location of the two discs used for connecting the slices.

I have uploaded the design documents as a zip file.

Skæve streger, fiasko og en ny ven

Hvordan jeg endte med at kaste min kærlighed på tegneprogrammet LibreCAD og stadig være gode venner med Inkscape.

Kerf explanation

This picture shows the relation between 0.01 cut lines in your software and what remains after cutting the pieces by laser cutter. You can measure tabs and slots width and height in your software and check for correctness.

Shape Sorter with sound making shapes

Shape Sorter made in 4mm HDF and 3mm Acrylic.

Shapes are filled with: Rice beans, bells, wood pieces and the sound device from a music card

How to assemble:
The Bottom plate have to be put in place when assembeling the inner case.
Best practise is to start gluing the inner case with the bottom piece in place and then start adding the outer siders one by one.


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