War n Peace Game

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Friday, October 31, 2014 - 14:49



In a world becoming increasingly scarce of resources and assertion to prove their bigger rights on these resources, multiple countries have got themselves involved into pursuit of excessive power, zeal, and exercising armed conflicts from time to time.
Modern educated world countries therefore choose between warlike situation or prosperity through peaceful measures of confidence and trade. The game therefore represents the aspiration of such countries in pursuit of claiming their might and pride to serve its people

“There are situations when waging a war is important to secure your interests for future, at the same time situation when peace is utilized to gather resources and deliver better livelihood & propsperity to masses”

W&P is essentially two player game with following rules:

1. Each player has five means (pawns) to carry forward and total networth to begin is 25M USD
2. The game will rely on dice to determine the moves
3. There are two mirrored spirals of war and peace path each and players can jump between war path and peace path at certain ends (At cross section, one can go straight or right. Further arrows provided)
4. To enter the war path each traversal will cost 10M USD for the player
5. Each square in peace path and war path represents a business condition, and a battle condition respectively
6. Elimination Rules:

a. Player X has option to replace player Y's mean (pawn) by pushing it back to start (Peace path) and such mean has to be bailed out at cost 5M USD by Player Y while winning player of peace path gets 5M. However in case of war path Player Y means (pawn) is removed from board altogether and winning battlefield player net worth gets 5M additional from loosing player

b. Player X and player Y will always play in opposite converging paths and battlefield condition of each war path square shall determine who could replace who
i .) War path each square represents a battle field condition which is essentially water, air, or field
ii.) Example: Player X Air, Player Y Air battlefield ANY. Y will replace X if arrived later. Similarly, Player X Water, Player Y Field, Battlefield Water. Then Y will get eliminated when it arrives at such square already occupied by X
iii.) The cross petal area shall have deemed equal battle field conditions with rules of elimination

7. The Winner will be determined if at ANY time player X networth exceeds by 10 times player Y, or all five means (pawns) of the opponent are eliminated