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The Fablab Book - describing what Copenhagen Fablab is with poems

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Monday, June 15, 2015 - 18:34


The purpose of the book is to explain what Copenhagen Fablab is, while showing an example of what's possible to make at the Fablab. The text in the book is divided into 5 sections: Making, Thinking, Creating, Caring and Sharing, and is written in the form of poems. Everything in the book is hand-drawn.

The text:
What the F is Copenhagen Fablab?
The Fablab is where your dreams run free, and materialize with laser, 3D and CNC
Prototype first to avoid a flop, or learn by attending a Fab-workshop
It is open to everyone and free to use, so what do you wanna make? Just choose
The Fablab belongs to you and to me, and we're helping each other, please come by and see
We share experiences with Fablabs across country and border, and learn from each other from chaos to order

The book is available at Copenhagen Fablab, but must only be taken outside of the Fablab by employees of Copenhagen Municipality.
It is made out of 4 mm HDF, as part of the FabCreation course.
Feel free to add pages to the book, or modify the front page in order to re-make it for your own Fablab.

Several images of the book
SVG file where each book page is on its own layer
Ai file where each book page is on its own layer