Plexi Display Case

Plexi Display Case

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Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 13:11


Glue Acrifix 116
Buy an empty tube at the Pharmacy with a tiny nostril and fill it with the glue
because this tube lets out much too much glue

its easy to wipe leftover glue away
but unhandy when u work inside eg a box

it is totally transparent
no white fume shaddows

U need no space between the plates

pretty thin substance - but thicker than say Acetone

ordinary tape holds perfectly - tape the elements together in the right position

mount the plexi plates securely up against eg a wooden box with screw clamps
pour the glue from the inside... and let it flow between the plates by it self
No pressure wanted - this glue is slightly gap-filling

needs at least one hour before u move the objects

peals off wood easily when dry
use a wooden stick to wipe with


does almost not smell!!

I did not use either gloves or mask - and did not feel queasy afterwards at all

very easy to work with

Will edit this another day :-)