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Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 17:13


Hello :-)
here is my bluetooth speaker (12V). It supposed to be build from recycled parts only, but people are to fast to throw things out were its hard to get them.

Parts i used for the project:

- car speakers
- phone charger for the car
- wires
- switch
- resistor
- foam

new parts:
- bluetooth receiver ( Speaker-Receiver-Adapter-Dongle-/261914860500?hash=item3cfb579bd4)

- amplifier for motorcycle 12V (

- one plate HDF 6mm plate

- DC DC isolator (

- white diodes ( i used blue, but i think it is better with white)

i glued all the speakercase parts together with wood glue. I had to drill 16mm hole half through, so there could be space for the volumekey and so on.
In the first place i didnt had the DC DC isolator, but i needed it because there was bad noise i the speakers called ( groundloop) it has to be between the bluetooth and car-charger .I chose 12V because then i can use the speaker in my electric cargo-bike. I bought a 12V power supply, so i can use it at home also. The car charger are for the bluetooth, so it can get 5V.

The file for the logo is gone. But then other people have the opportunity to make their own. Just make holes for the acryll plate for the diodes.

Any question just ask :-)