Mass Effect Omni Tool prop

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 17:15


A laser cut Omni Tool prop for a Mass Effect cosplay costume, cut form orange acrylic in order to achieve a orange hologram'ish effect.

when the prop is cut it will need to be heatformed into a bent shape in order to be wearable on the arm and the handheld part of the tool (with the gun and HUD elements on) will need to be heatformed into a circular shape and glued together at the ends, then the small blank squares with the tabs is to be glued into the sockets cut out on that part and the larger part with similar sockets is heatformed to a half circle so it can be fitted on the squares.

lastly the last two parts with electronic'ish details needs to be attached to the front "wings" on the tool itself, either with fishing string or with glue.

the design is still in kind of a test phase.