Terraforming Mars player matte laser cut

Terraforming Mars player matte

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Friday, May 10, 2019 - 10:39


Terraforming Mars player matte

Did a test-run for a player matte. Worked fine, but will probably redo in a thinner and lighter material, as this is getting heavy and large (if you make for all 5 players).
The game right now weights 1850g, and a single matte 180g, so its gonna make the box to heavy.
Also, the cubes can be hard to pick up for larger hands.

Cuts: Power 100, speed 20
Engrave: Power 60, speed 20 (which were a bit to much for my liking).
If you use the file note that some lines (leaf, tools, cubes, etc) might be to weak. I did a second pass with the laser off-focused (just to try it).

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Laser Cutter