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Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 16:04


Borlig Nametag-clip

1) Designed plexi silhouette utilizing Copenhagen design elements to fit into a civil service office.
2) Silhouette was repeated in foam with a cutout to glue a magnet for attaching to clothing.
3) Silouette was repeated and scaled down 2 mm to create a green plexi boarder. This layer is designed with leather and engraved with a “B.”
4) Plexi layer was altered to house led lights using laser cutter to engrave deep grooves to run wire and cut out area for battery and led lights.
5) 3D print the compontent that holds the name badge and wire it with solder glue and foil, after it is wired you can connect it to the plexi and run the wires to the lights and solder everthing together.
6) Assemble all components
7) Add foil to name badge to complete the circuit, turning the led lights on.

Designed and created with: Anne Viffeldt Mikkelsen