+ FabLab (info at the elevator)

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Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 18:52


The first time I came to FabLab I didn't know where it was, and there was no sign inside the building to guide me. With FabCreation's theme of "Hack your Lab", I found it obvious to not let others have the same trouble finding it as I had.

I used the vinyl-cutter to make a "+ FabLab" sign to put on the text of the 4th floor, in the door of the elevator in every floor. I made also one mirrored to put in a glass sign, and a white one to fit a white text. They were all made to fit - so that "FabLab" is acknowledged as one of the house's facilities without being too "shiny", to not create more conflicts, when the hack is supposed to inform people. Now it reads in the list of facilities for the 4th floor "Multirum + FabLab".