3D Printed Fridge Magnets

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Monday, June 17, 2019 - 15:27


Fridge Magnets

When I moved in to my current apartment, I purchased some cheap fridge magnets. Unfortunately they were really weak and several were needed to hold up a pizza folder. I later realized I had some rare earth disc magnets lying around from China. While these were super strong, they were hard to pick up from the fridge due to their small profile. Luckily, with the fablab, it's easy to create a solution.

I modeled a simple handle in fusion 360. It's just cylinders with fillets making it a bit rounder. The model got loaded into Cura where I multiplied it (Ctrl+M) to make 5 handles.

The print came out a little rough - possibly caused by slight underextrusion. It didn't matter much as this was a purely functional print.

When I did the modelling, I made the recessed hole for the magnets exactly 12mm in diameter. In reality however, the magnets were a bit larger. I fixed this by taking the hot nozzle of my glue gun and ran it over the interior surface to melt it and push it out slightly.

After that, all that was needed was putting a small bead of hot glue in the recess and pushing the magnets in. I made sure that they all were oriented the same way. That way, the magnets will never snap directly together, which could crack them.

They work great, are discreet and the total cost was lower than the store bought ones.

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3D Printer