E14 Electrical Bulb Box

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 16:49


I recently got a couple of loose E14 bulbs, and combined with the few I had lying around on the attic, it began to become a bit messy. I created a finger slotted quick box in Fusion 360, and added some interior pieces with half circles corresponding to the diameter of the metal part and glass part at the widest point of the bulbs.

This is just a quick project meant to be practical, not pretty. As such, I made a few mistakes in the production, but I did not care enough about the looks to fix it.

The file is designed for a 3mm thickness material, but I used 1mm instead. That means my box fits loosely together, but after assembling with hot glue it's plenty strong. Additionally, I made a mistake when organising the pieces in inkscape, and moved a piece without moving the holes for the interior pieces to fit into. In assembling I dealt with this by cutting off the conflicting tabs. It wasn't really needed for anything else than registration anyway, and again, the hot glue holding the box together is strong enough.

Assembly Instructions:

The bottom piece has four rows of holes, that will make up the two rows of bulb storage in the box. Arrange the long pieces with semicircles in these holes, flipping so there is a big and small semicircle for each bulb.

Attach the short end pieces to make the bulb holders sit straight and hot glue the joints into place.

For the long side pieces, attach the small skinny pieces about 3mm or one material thickness below the straight edge. This will act as a rest for the lid. If using 1mm cardboard, consider attaching it at a 90 degree angle with additional hot glue to have a wider lid-support.

Finally attach the long side pieces to the box with hot glue. The box is now finished and can be filled with bulbs and closed with the lid.

Machine Used:

Laser Cutter