Simple Cutlery Holder

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Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 18:00


Back home at my parents house, my mom has a drawer she uses for the nicer cutlery that is used when they have guests over. The forks and the spoons are stacked neatly against each other, but as the knives don't have any curves to interlock with each other, they were just laying around messily compared to the rest of the set.

I made this simple holder, which is just a series of notches the with of the blade and of the handle, which I measured a day when I was home. On either side and in the middle, there are some stabilising pieces, which hold the racks in place. I made two sets out of clear and orange scrap acrylic, which came in handy, as some of both broke during washing the soot from the pieces.

It's hardly something you can't live without, but it was a nice and quick little project, which makes the home a bit more organised.

Machine Used:

Laser Cutter