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Boardgame: Fablab Dungeon

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 12:27


To illustrate how to use Defocused laser to speed up outline drawing on tiles and pieces for boardgame prototypes. Estimated time saved is 90% compared to engraving.

Defocusing the laser means you focus the laser and have the surface of your material be lower (in this case 15mm) than the focus point. Then run a vector cut job as if the laser had been focused correctly. You will need alternate settings for the defocused cutting job to get nice results.

3mm Acrylic small leftover piece
1x 4mm MDF 600x400mm
1x cardboard piece 300x400mm
Leftover tokens

I structured the different parts of the process in layers in an svg document made in inkscape. This way you can export the laserjob PDF for the different steps depending on what layers are visible. I have already made several PDFs. General notion is always do the defocused laserjob before the cutting job (treat it as if it were engraving).

There are 3 main jobs do to.

- 1) Dice (boardgamedice.pdf)
Dice engraved and cut in 3mm acrylic, the boxmaker made dices arent that strong as corners will
Height: 15mm
Width: 15mm
Length: 15mm
Tab width: 3mm
Kerf: 0,15mm
Number dices is randomly set, but you'll need quite a few.

Vector settings for lasercutter is: 10 speed, 100 power, 5000 frequency. Raster settings 100 speed, 100 power (but could be tweaked for better result). This is for boardgamedice.pdf

- 2) Cards (boardgamecardsdefocus.pdf and boardgamecards.pdf)
Cards are made in cardboard with defocused lasercutting at distance of 15mm from focus point. Speed is set to 100, power I forgot (but low! Try with 10 and see what happens, if it burns through reduce power), frequency was set to 5000. This is for boardgamecardsdefocus.pdf

Vector settings I dont remember either, but I would think 100 power, 100 speed, 5000 frequency as well at the focused distance. This is for boardgamecards.pdf

- 3) Boardgame (boardgamedefocus.pdf and boardgame.pdf
The actual boardgame is made of 4mm MDF (less could be used if updating the slot in the base for the knights). The boardgame defocus vector settings is 15mm height difference from focus point, Speed 100, Power 20, Frequency 5000. This is for boardgamedefocus.pdf

Vector settings are Speed 11, Power 100, Frequency 500. This is for boardgame.pdf

- 4) Level tokens
These were just added leftover acrylic circles used for tokens.

Rules of the game:
Basic rules are available in one of the layers in the svg file, also here. Feel free to change, update, add, delete or just make completely new ones. These were tossed together in 5-10minutes time.

Win when level 5
Start at level 1:
Levels = hit points and dice you throw in combat
1 damage = lose 1 level OR 1 item if preferred
Unlimited items can be held
Monsters have hp = levels they give to defeat
Players can run away to adjacent known area
after 1 round of combat
Each player can move 1 tile per turn

Entering a room with an axe means combat
Entering a room with a treasure chest, draw a card
from the treasure pile

2 axe = 2 hit
1 axe = 1 hit
1 shield = counters 1 hit

If player dies he starts over at a bordertile