Tokens for X-Wing and Star Wars LCG

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Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 17:26


Hi there. I've made these tokens for the FFG Star Wars games: X-Wing Miniatures and Star Wars: The Living Card Game.

The tokens for X-Wing are Target Locks (used in the game to fire certain weapons and/or re roll dice) while the tokens for the card game are used to "commit" cards to the Force in order to gain benefits in the game.

I've cut the Target Locks in 3 different sheets of acrylic: 1 "set" in Blue Flourescent (used on the attacking player) and a corresponding in Red Fluorescent Acrylic (on the defending player) and lastly also on Solid Black acrylic which then will have to have the colors filled in with thinned/diluted paint.

The Card Game tokens are done in the same Fluorescent Blue and Red acrylic as the Target Locks