Multifunctional childrens furniture for Valby Library

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Friday, August 29, 2014 - 14:18


This is a project I did on Fabcreation, in Fablab Copenhagen for Valby Library.
The library is in lack of seating space. and have horribly boring exhibition-shelves... so I figured I would combine those two into one fun, colourful and comfortable furniture.
The idea is that the furniture is supposed to be able to seat at least 10 kids at a time (more if needed, for instance if a school class comes in). It's a gathering space for for the kids, but can also be a calm place to read a book after school, on the weekends etc. The nest on top is thought to be a cosy, soft place to cuddle with a book, or hang out with a friend. The book-boxes (that were supposed to be where the holes are now) are like recommendation shelves, recomending books to read, or even just to look at. It's like... if you go sit at a cafe, and there's a newspaper on your table, you're more likely to read it, than if you had to get up to the newsstand. So- that's basically my idea. :)

Designed by Henriette Friis, Denmark