Olive lamp

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 17:41


A parametric lamp I made to introduce myself to laser cutting. The form is simple, symmetric around a central axis.

The design can be easily adjusted to for different material thicknesses, different shapes and different laser cutters or material dimensions. The overall shape of the lamp can be changed, by changing the two curves that are revolved around the central axis, the number of slices is also adjustable, as is the vertical location of the two discs used for connecting the slices.

I have uploaded the design documents as a zip file.

- A Rhino drawing
- Grasshopper script
- PDFs ready for cutting.

I bought a light fixture and a vintage lightbulb at Bilka online, cost me 300DKK, but could probably have done it cheaper.

For more information about the process see my blog: