UPD: coasters, sheep, name tags, photo frames

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Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 19:47


Hello, this is my first ever try at laser cutting - making some Christmas tree decorations and cute little sheep. "Perekond Piel" stands for "Family Piel" in Estonian and this is supposed to be a door sign.
Laser cut in 4 mm HDF.

UPDATE: the first try was unsuccesful... The laser has only cut through approx. 3/4 of the board, so there was no chance I could get my designs out and the whole thing together with a few hours in the lab were beautifully wasted :) Most probably this happened due to inaccurate adjustment of focus in laser settings.

LESSONS LEARNED: 1. Always make a small tryout print. 2. Never rush and double-check all settings!

Nevertheless the second try was successful. I made a small tryout print at first, and then proceeded with a whole sheet 600x400 mm, full of different designs. There was both engraving and cutting, so the whole job took 1h40min. I am very satisfied with an outcome, especially the coasters! Although next time I could rearrange the designs a bit better on the sheet, so that it takes less time for engraving job :)