Animatronic Sign for Kids

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 12:07


The project aims to produce an initial working prototype of an animated sign for the book shelves into the kids section in the Valby library (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The prototype will serve to show the potential of having interactive signs in the room because it can improve the kids overall experience of visiting the room and selecting books by visualizing the theme providing them a funny and useful interaction.

The selected material was soft rubber (2mm green), and acrylic plastic (2mm blue) because we can play with the contrast of the colors to differentiate the elements, and material thickness to implement extra components while having light weight.

--Action Description--
For this prototype, we will have two lasercutted movable elements (a dragon and a hero shapes) that will act following the instructions according to the parameters in the Arduino sketch when a person activate the remote sensor. The two elements together with their light and sound extra components will come back to their static initial status after reading the sketch.

--List of Electronic Elements--
1 Arduino UNO
1 Bread board
2 Servo Motors
1 Emitter Sensor
1 Receiver Sensor
2 LED lights
1 Micro Speaker
3 Resistances (10kOhms)