Overhead lamp

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Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 13:25


This is a pendel lamp I'm making for my bedroom using HDF for the frame and construction paper for the shade. I made it using openscad, and I'll upload the code when the project is finished (I still need to decide which CC license to use). It turns out that it takes quite some time to cut these bendable pieces, which will require a third Tuesday evening to finish it. I'm interested in using this as a testbed for designing bendable cuts that allow for open space (letting light through) while minimizing the time necessary to cut it out, since this would be necessary for the scaling up of this and similar designs being made by other users.

The image here includes the top lampshade and most of the frame. Attached to the hooks in the middle (of which there are 3 total), there will be another bent HDF circular ring, to which I'll attach an LED strip. Its power supply can hang in the inner part of the frame, out of sight and hopefully not blocking the light. There will be two more bent, angled HDF plates completing the circle on the bottom, and they will support another paper shade.

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Laser Cutter