PMS for Ground station

Power Management System for FPV Ground Station

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 18:35


Whaat? Such a complicated title huh..

This is just a basic box which features a XT60 plug, to connect batteries, a Power plug for the FPV (First Person View) Video goggles and an USB charger with an on/off switch.

What you need to build this is:

XT60 female plug
3 pin 5V female plug (the same as Arduino uses for 5V in.
USB plug (Female)
and a switch rated above 2A. The switch measures 13x19,8mm and is called a vippekontakt.

What you need to make the USB charger work is either a linear voltage regulator, an UBEC device or similar. Be sure that the rated A is high enough.

Print files is attached.