The Calendar House of Tiny Presents

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Monday, December 28, 2015 - 11:41


The idea…
… came from chocolate advent calendars. Instead of using it only in December and storing it away for the rest of the year, this house can be re-used every month. It has 31 doors as shelves to put very tiny things in it, so you can have a present waiting for you every day of the month. This version has 3D printed figures, mammals, snowflakes, sea animals and birds and also laser cut shapes with holes in it to make charms or necklaces from.

The house doubles as a memory game toy or a dollhouse. You can hide the figures and ask your friend to memorize where you put the shapes. Also there are several pairs of figures so you can play a matchmaking memory game… once you have collected all the pairs at the end of the month! So something to look forward to.

DSC_0295In version nr. 2 I would..
.. design ways for the doors to keep shut even when tilted or packed in the backpack travels. So far you can put rubber bands around the house to keep the toys inside.

Now to the making part!

* SVG =>

Programs used:
* Inkscape (for laser cutter)
* Autocad 123D MAKE (3D printing)
* Cura (for 3D printing, scaling)

Tools and Materials:
* lasercutter Epilog Helix
* 3D printer Ultimaker 2
* “Super glue”
* Sand paper for burned laser cut edges, 3D printing details (I had at hand grits 180, 220)
* 3 mm high density fibreboard(HDF) (for house and tiny figures)
* white PLA plastic (for tiny figures)
* wooden cardboard (as numbers)

The House consists of…
* 4 walls
* 2 facades with hole in it
* inside are two grids with 3×5 slots (to put shelves in) + wall between them
* 30 shelves + 1 shelf in chimney
* chimney
* roof
* numbers 1-31

The size of the house is 80mm x 120mm x 160 mm (incl chimney).

First I designed the grid in 123D Make using the Cube example and choosing the Interlocked Slices technique for my 3 mm material with 4 slices x 6 slices. I made the surrounding box in ( to put the two grids in + wall between the grids). Everything else that was laser cut (numbers, shelves, roof, tiny presents) I designed in Inkscape. The small 3D printed figures’ designs I found on and scaled down until they would fit inside the shelves (max 29x16x12mm). I applied glue to all the joints, glued the roof on top of the house box and the letters on the shelves.

Time spent designing, measuring, procrastinating, lunch, laser cutting, ordering dinner and 3D printing = 33 hours! I suspect it should be ready to make in 8 hours, assuming that 3D printing goes as planned and you multitask.

Laser cutting settings for HDF:
Speed 14%
Power 100%
Frequency 500HZ

3D printing was in Normal mode in Cura with Fill Density 20%.

Machine Used:

3D Printer
Laser Cutter