Space rocket interior deco

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Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 19:12


This was a request from a young relative to make a name tag out of mirror acrylic
So inside I left an oval shape where you can insert a nametag
It is quite a loose fit, same with the wings of the rocket
I added this rocket with a "space pattern" (downloaded from the internet and traced it in Inkscape) just to spice it up and for it to be used as a table decoration or toy
It reflects a rocket pattern on the wall if you shine a light on it

Cutting mirror acrylic
Reflective side facing down when cutting!!!!!!
normal 3 mm acrylic settings
Speed 10%
Power 100%
Freq 5000 Hz

Raster, Engraving (reflective side facing down!!!)
bottom up direction
speed 100%
Power 30%
dpi 1200
*raising the DPI helped reduce the flames significantly!

In the Inkscape file there are two layers - engraving pattern and cutting lines 0,02 mm.
The name tag font has tiny circles in some of the corners - this should help the acrylic from cracking in the corners.

I wrote the name Agur (Estonian name btw) and joined the letters with a rectangle in the bottom.

Enjoy :-)