Wall Chess

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Saturday, February 11, 2017 - 18:06


laser cutting
rubber hammer

board - 3 mm HDF, 400 x 600 mm
chess pieces - 3 mm acrylic, red and green

*File "Cut_Wall Chess.PDF"
Speed: 14 Power: 100 Freq:500

*File "Vector engraving_Wall Chess.PDF"
Vector: Speed 70 Power:100 Freq:500

*File "Chess Pieces_Wall Chess.PDF"
Vector: Speed:10 Power:100 Freq:500

The chess board was created as a Christmas present for Grace homeless cafe that is situated in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
You can of course customize or remove the engraving text on the top.

The board can be assembled by pressing the pieces together with the help of a rubber hammer. The pieces have tabs and since they are made of HDF they can be a bit brittle. The board has two holes on the top corners to hang the chess board on the wall. There is an extra shelf in the bottom to store pieces that are not in the game.

I wanted to create the engraving fast as possible and used only "vector engraving" which means that the lines are 0,02 mm (as with cutting) but the heat of the laser was lowered for the lines to not be cut through. To achieve this all in all you have to either lower the Power or make the Speed faster. In this project I made the Speed faster. Normally you would cut with Speed:14 (for a 3 mm HDF) but I boosted it up to Speed:70. (This goes for file name "Vector engraving_Wall Chess.PDF")

Hope it makes sense and happy chess playing!


Machine Used:

Laser Cutter