Bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe - model with living hinges

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Monday, May 18, 2015 - 19:53


The project is a model for a light installation in a bicycle tunnel in Gladsaxe.
The purpose of the model is to test out various lighting design solutions.
The pattern in the ceiling can be changed and when hovering a light source above the top of the model, patterns inside the model tunnel floor will appear.

*The acrylic used as the transparent material is not ideal, since it is too reflective.

How did we make it?
Laser cutter : Recycled 3mm MDF (not entirely sure if it could be HDF)
Pattern for living hinges taken here, then multiplied/redesigned in Illustrator v.2 :
Carefully bending the hinges - could be larger spaces between the cuts.

Download older Illustrator versions here (needs Adobe account) :

Team: Maarja Kukk and Liisa Ummelas

Machine Used:

Laser Cutter