Book Page Thumb Holder

book page thumb holder

Love to lie down with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other?
Damn, I cannot keep the pages open with just one thumb...
Say no more!
The solution is a simple thumb page holder!

This is a proof of concept and will be developed to divinity.

3 layers of 3 mm acrylic.
Glued together with clear "kontaktlim".
Measure your thumb where the root of the fingernail is - that is where the holder should sit comfortably.

Changes to be made:
Smoother edges.
The width should be longer, let's say 8 cm.



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Nice and simple :-)

Brian Svendsen

Liisa Umm...'s picture

Thanks, Brian! :-D

I have some mahogany left from my other projekt, maybe it could be fun to make your "Book Page Thumb Holder" in the small CNC

Brian Svendsen

Liisa Umm...'s picture

Oh definitely! This was just a quick proof of concept before the culture house closed for the night! I wish it is open until morning sometimes, hehe :-)