Sucking on to the wall

Wall climbing suction car

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 09:31


As part of a project for innovating stuff, we came up with an idea of a wall-climbing robot. This machine uses a turbine for making enough thrust to be held against the wall. More files will come soon

The parts:
The frame was made by a 200mm * 200mm * 4mm board,
and by using the laser cutter the hole and spaces for the structure was made.

We also 3D-printed the supporting frame for the turbine, these fit into holes
on the frame, and also to curve around the turbine.

The motors was made by hacking some servo-motors. by taking out the sensor
(keep in mind, that you should not actually cut it, just make sure it always
stays at neutral, or the servos will act crasy), and then cutting of the stop mechanism,
allowing the servos to move freely.

The wheel are made from Lego Mindstorm wheels, with screws drilled through them.
Other than that, they are just placed on the servos.

Speed controller
We've used a Wasabi speed controller, which can handle enough power for the turbine.

For battery-time we aimed for 10 minutes of wall-driving, so we've used 2 * 5000 mah
batteries, with 11,1 v, as per say, 3 cell lipo. These batteries weights as much as my mom,
so we switched to 2 * 2200 mah batteries, but with the same voltage, which means that we
now have half the run time, but enough power to drive around.

We've been using a 9-channel plane controller, but you need no more than 3 channels. We've set the thrust to the Turbine, and by chat plugged it to channel 3. The to sides of wheels, are controlled on the right stick, by using the Eleron (when you combine Elevator and Aileron). This gives the car a tank-like feel when driving.