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Friday, November 2, 2018 - 12:58


Hi, my name is Manuel,
I am here today to work on some mono prints.
Mono print is a way of printing but has the name says “mono” only one copy is produced from each drawing. The ideas is to draw an image on a metal plate or plastic ( here I have used metal).
The first step is to apply a thin coat of ink on your plate using a roller ( you can find one at fablab. Secondly Using a stiff brush I scratch away ink from the plate creating a motif. Now the plate is ready to be printed. Making sure to cover the printer press plate with newspaper so it doesn’t get dirty, I then place my printing plate in the center. I then place a sheet of paper of the same size as the plate and gently press it with my hand. One more peace of paper on top and a larger piece of newspaper on top again to protect the printer press blanket! Ready to roll, slowly roll it forward and backwards. Now pil off the papers and your print is ready. Let it dry before packing up. Clean working tables from ink and live the working space nice and ready for the next creative mind :) See attached images for reference