1 attempt to make a lamp from acrylic

1. attempt to make a lamp

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 17:19


beginners mistakes ALL THE WAY :/

ingraving: Remember to set the DPI settings

area to work on: remember to set the board to 400X600
( some one before me, had only needed haft the size, and my work was only printed on the one half )
remember that big flat ingravings can be "lined", right settings is a MUST ! make a test in the SAME material as used in the model.
The laser seemed to work slow in the left side, and twize as fast in the rigth side.
remember to take the plastic off on the top.
make sure, that maerial is placed rigtht on top of the lazerdesk...even small particels or leftovers can cost a good ingraving due to "bumps" and differnce in the highness of the material placed.

for the box remember to
set cutting lines
set the kerf
and the fitting

dont panic, som of the withness in the final result laying before your eyes under the glas, is only dust !
it can be wased of :D