QAV250 camera mount for Runcam split mini v2

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 20:01


I decided to build a quadcopter this summer, and wanted to mount a camera on board that could both record 1080p60 footage on board, and stream live video to my FPV goggles. I decided to use the Runcam split mini v2 for this purpose.

The problem is that the old frame that I'm using doesn't really have any nice ways of mounting a camera on it, and the Runcam doesn't really come with any mounts. I decided to 3D print the mount that I needed.

The first version of the camera mount that I created positioned the camera too far back, and too high in the quadcopter frame, resulting in roughly a quarter of the image being blocked by the frame itself (see images). The second version massively improved on this, but only allowed for a tilt of about 20 degrees, whereas 40-45 degrees would be much more desirable.

The third version, yet to be printed, lowers the bottom frame by about 0.5mm, and raises the camera mounting holes by about 0.5mm. Because the way the camera tilts around the axis of the mounting holes, I'm hoping that this extra millimeter of clearance will give the tilt angle that I'm looking for.

Machine Used:

3D Printer