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Counters for games.
Simple circles in Inkscape (15 mm and 25 mm) cut in transparent acrylic with vector settings 10, 100, 5000.

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Mass Effect Omni Tool prop

A laser cut Omni Tool prop for a Mass Effect cosplay costume, cut form orange acrylic in order to achieve a orange hologram'ish effect.

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I made this box as a gift for a friend who makes flower medicine.
The box itself is made with
Just type in the dimension you want, and the website will make the files for you. I used 0.08 as the kerf, which I found out to be the tightest fit (read:

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Diffused acrylic box

What is it?
1:20 scale model for a light installation. Holes designed to fit in 9 Neopixels.
Video of the outcome with lights:

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Shape Sorter with sound making shapes

Shape Sorter made in 4mm HDF and 3mm Acrylic.

Shapes are filled with: Rice beans, bells, wood pieces and the sound device from a music card

How to assemble:
The Bottom plate have to be put in place when assembeling the inner case.
Best practise is to start gluing the inner case with the bottom piece in place and then start adding the outer siders one by one.

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Acrylic Card With Kickstand

Cut on a 40 Watt Epilog Helix

Material: 3mm Acrylic

Engraving Settings:

Top tip: remove the top plastic from the acryllic before engraving

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Christmas ornaments

My own design of christmas ornaments.
The christmas tree, the heart and the snowflake.
Cutted in HDF, Acrylic and wood - with the settings described in the fablab.

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Kerfs, Tabs and Holes w/ MakerCase is a nice tool to make boxes with, but the settings has to be right.
I have been experimenting with CaseMaker, and how to find the perfect kurf for a 3 mm acrylic box.
This is my findings.