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Water Quality Meter

Water quality meter built using Waspmote and a bunch of water sensors from Libelium (
- waspmote
- wifi chip
- water sensor board
- battery
- conductivity sensor
- dissolved oxygen sensor
- temperature sensor
- ph sensor

Code lives here:

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PiSound Box

A box for the Raspberry Pi and pi Sound hat with a custom MIDI interface based on the Arduino Nano.

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Custom arduino components box

Box made for the Arduino box

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Piccolo - an open source drawing machine

The past few months, I have been using the laser cutter at Copenhagen Fablab to create parts for a Piccolo, "the tiny CNC-bot". Basically, it's a small machine that can move a toolhead freely around in a 50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm cube. You can attach a pen, a brush, a nail or anything else you can imagine to the toolhead, so there's a lot of possibilities in this small machine. I just finished assembling it and making it work, so I thought I would share my experiences.

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Animatronic Sign for Kids

The project aims to produce an initial working prototype of an animated sign for the book shelves into the kids section in the Valby library (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The prototype will serve to show the potential of having interactive signs in the room because it can improve the kids overall experience of visiting the room and selecting books by visualizing the theme providing them a funny and useful interaction.

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Emo Trash Can (Fab Creation Week)

The challenge we took on was in a library in Valby (that is open late at night without staff, in an area where a lot of youth used to hang out in the street at night and now use the library as a kind of youth club). While the librarians are thrilled that the young people use the library more, they do face an issue of trash thrown/left in the childrens/youth section of the library. Particularly paper/waste from food.

They have tried many different things, but it hasn't changed anything. 

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The aim of the project is to give nature a voice. When the plant is either thirsty (too dry) or satisified (sufficiently wattered), it will play a small tune (audio) and shine its lights (visual).

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Battery holder and Arduino flaming case

This was my very first lasercut projects that I made during one of the FabLab open house sessions.

I first made a 2 layer holder for 3x9Volts batteries where the batteries fits like a glove. I then decided to play around with acrylic bending and made a flaming case for my arduino. The case just looks cool but has nothing practical to it since it makes the access to the output pins more difficult. I normally use this Arduino together with a prototype shield to "burn" other arduino chips like the ATtiny85.