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Hack this! Separators for bookshelves.

Copenhagen municipal libraries have gone robotic! With our new intelligent materials management system the expectation is that books move around between the libraries seemingly by magic, or atleast by robotics. For the patron this means that when ordering a book it magicly appears on a specific shelf with a designated numbers, the patron receives a text message with this information when the book is available for pick up. The specific shelf is indicated by a markersign with a number and a rfid-chip.

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Hack this! Interactive Trashbins

Welcome to the very open library! And welcome to the orderly library?
Copenhagen Public Libraries has greatly expanded their opening hours by providing selfserviced acces after the staff goes home for well deserved rest and recreation. So what happends when the library is open and the staff has gone home? We don't know! What we  do know is that cleaning up after patrons isn't our favourite morning activity. So could  we gently nudge our patrons to use our facilities to dispose of their waste? Hack a can to persuade the man!